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   Chapter 117 He Is The Father Of The Child

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7164

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Jacob lowered his voice and asked," What's the matter?"

"Something happened to Rita. I'll go and have a look," replied Emily.

"Isn't David there? How can you help?"

"She's my best friend. I'll go to see her whether David is there or not!" Without a conscious thought, Emily got excited. Perhaps, it was because she cherished her friendship with Rita a lot more, after being betrayed by her ex-lover and friend.

"I'm not forbidding you to go there. Why are you speaking up to me!" Jacob flicked her forehead and added," I'll take you there."

Emily rubbed her aching forehead. Feeling embarrassed, she stuck out her tongue and said," I'm sorry, well, and... thank you..."

However, before Emily could finish, Jacob flicked her forehead again, and said," Silly girl."


Soon, Emily and Jacob arrived at the hospital where Rita was. When they got there, Rita was awake, and she was being taken out of the observation room.

"Rita, are you OK?" asked Emily, as she looked at Rita's pale face and could not help feeling distressed.

"Nothing serious." Rita replied, but her voice sounded feeble.

Emily felt more distressed. She asked worriedly," Where is David? Why isn't he here at this moment?"

"He was got caught up with something important," replied Rita.

"What could be more important than you?

!" Emily was furious at David's irresponsible behavior. How could he leave Rita in the hospital alone!

Rita closed her eyes slowly and said," It doesn't matter. I am just being optimistic. Maybe he's not here not because of work, but because he was in a car accident."

Emily," …"

Standing outside the ward, Jacob overheard their conversation. He immediately took out his phone and dialled David's number.

About half an hour later David showed up.

Rita was lying on the bed, resting her eyes with Emily sitting quietly next to her. David walked over carefully, to avoid disturbing the sleeping woman.

David didn't notice that he was getting calls from the hospital. Besides, he had his plate full with Nora, which took up most of his time and energy...

He didn't know what was happening until

she replied," So..."

Emily was astounded by Jacob's thoughtfulness. The whole time she thought he was being inconsiderate, while in fact, he was two steps ahead of her.

"So, don't worry about the things you can't control. Just keep your mind focused on your own matters. You have a lot to worry about at work anyway," said Jacob.

Emily," ... Oh."

Why did it always feel like whenever she was with Jacob her intelligence level would drop?


The next day, when Jacob returned to his office after the meeting, he did not see Emily at her desk. Disappointed, he frowned, and asked Leo," Where is Emily?"

Leo replied," Miss Emily said that she was going out for a while."

Without even thinking, Jacob already knew that Emily was in the hospital. When he rushed to the hospital, he saw Emily feeding Rita with the elaborately stewed soup that she had prepared just for her friend. In an instant, his cool composure faltered.

The wicked girl had never cooked anything with so much care for him! And yet she had made such a special soup for another woman!

Oh, how angry that made Jacob! He was fuming!

Emily's attention was all on Rita. She didn't even notice that Jacob was just standing there until Rita told her.

"What are you doing here?" asked Emily. As she walked over to him, Jacob grabbed her hand and pulled her out. "Hey, Jacob, what are you doing! I can walk by myself..." she said.

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