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   Chapter 115 This Is A Dead End

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David sneered, with a disapproving attitude,"That is not necessarily a misunderstanding."

What he meant was that, there were too many social climbers who would do anything and everything to marry into a rich family. He had seen plenty of such examples in his past life.

Rita turned to him in shock, as she glared at David's self-righteous expression. In a cold voice, she refuted,"You don't know Emily at all, so please keep your judgments to yourself. You have no right to talk about her like that."

"Okay, I see," replied David. David habitually compromised with Rita, as he sensed that she had a tendency to be angry. In the past few days, he had grown accustomed to coaxing her whenever she got angry and he also made sure not to lose his temper or patience with her.

Besides, Emily was not his priority. There was no need for him to quarrel with Rita about Emily's business. If he had continued the conversation, he would have far more to lose than to gain.

"Since you want to know why I am unwilling to live with you, I will tell you the reason." Rita was not in the mood to go on arguing either, so she turned switched the subject. "You see, Jacob likes Emily. How about you? Do you like me?" she asked.

David paused, as he opened his mouth but could not think of the right thing to say.

"Is it too difficult for you to answer this question?" Rita smiled, as her beautiful face became even lovelier, and said,"I'll answer this question for you. The answer is David had never liked Rita."

There was no denying the fact that even after all the years they had been together, David never really loved Rita!

Their relationship was a dead end.

"So please stop making these ridiculous requests," said Rita, sounding unconcerned.

The indifference in Rita's facial expression made David's heart ache. He wanted to explain, but he just couldn't find the right words.

An awkward silence had filled the car. With nothing else to talk about, David drove on without looking at Rita.

After a while, Rita suddenly called out his name,"David."

David took his eyes off the road to look at Rita, and found that her face had turned pale, as if the blood from her face had been drained. Frightened and confused, David asked,"What's wrong?"

"I'm feeling sick now…" Rita said in a weak tone.

"Don't be afraid. I'll take you to the nearest hospital right now..." soothed David. As his voice shook with fear, he continued,"Don't be nervous. I'm here.

ta to ask him about Nora, but to his surprise, it was nothing like that.

"I want to eat some shrimp dumplings from Zhou restaurant," Rita demanded, as per usual.

David thought that Rita hadn't overheard his conversation with Nora. He was relieved by the fact that he didn't need to explain himself to her. "Get inside, you shouldn't be out here," he said.

David carefully brought Rita to the ward. She watched him as he placed the table on the bed and poured out the hot porridge he had brought for her. His face looked gentle and serene, as the steam started to belch from the porridge.

"You are too weak to eat foods like shrimp dumplings. For now just have some porridge, when you recover, you can eat anything you like," said David in a firm tone. It seemed like he had a heart of stone, and no one could change his mind.

This time, Rita did not show any signs of resistance, as she obediently ate her porridge.

David found Rita's obedient attitude quite refreshing. He gazed at her, finding it hard to leave her as he didn't want Rita to stay there alone in the ward...

But, what about Nora? Nora rarely visited Z Country. She wasn't familiar with the place at all. If she were to come across bad men, who would protect her?

Finally he spoke out, what he was struggling to say for so long,"Rita, stay in the hospital and don't roam around. I have something important to tend to, so I will be gone for a while."

David understood the importance of keeping Rita in a good mood. It seemed Rita had no idea of what was going on, so there was no need to tell her the truth. Besides, she had never been fond of Nora before.

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