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   Chapter 114 Laugh More For Me

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"Jacob, how dare she mock me!" Tina complained. Tina wanted so bad to split up Jacob and Emily, especially after seeing them being intimate in front of her.

Jacob didn't even look at Tina, as he said,"I like to hear her laughing. Emily, please laugh more for me."

Emily looked back at Jacob and laughed obediently,"Hahaha..."

Tina had reached the breaking point of her patience. You could see the anger first in her eyes, then a tension of her muscles, and the inability to think clearly soon followed. She tried hard to fight against the urge of flipping the table in their faces. She was so overwhelmed with anger that she lost her appetite.

She glared at Emily angrily, as her fingers curled into a fist. She could see Emily's neck snapping in her mind and it felt good.

Oddly enough, even though Tina was drunk with rage, she did not walk away. Instead, she forced herself to suppress the anger and sat still.

However, neither Jacob nor Emily gave her any attention, as they merrily carried on with their lunch. Occasionally, Jacob would feed Emily with his own spoon.

Tina wasn't sure whether she was more jealous or angry at Emily, as she looked at her scornfully and said,"Emily, you don't look like you've used to eating western-style cuisines, right?"

Emily froze and dreaded what was about to come out of Tina's mouth.

"When eating a steak, you need to hold the end of your knife and fork and put the forefinger on the handle. You need to hold the meat in one place with your fork, cut a mouthful of meat with the knife, and then dip it in sauce before putting it in your mouth," she said. Tina continued, disdainfully,"This is a general rule for eating a steak. Emily's table manners aren't exactly up to standard and the way she ate looked awkward."

'Hum, what a country bumpkin! Even the blood that flows in her vein is cheap!'

Emily bit her lip softly and looked up at the beautiful and arrogant girl in front of her.

Tina was certain she had hit a nerve this time.

"In essence a steak is just a piece of beef. It's up to me how I want to enjoy it. To me it's simply eating the food, instead of a performance of etiquette,"

said Emily, sounding modest and calm, as if she wasn't affected by Tina's words at all.

Tina did not expect Emily to be so eloquent and well-spoken. She fought back, with a coldness in her tone,"It doesn't matter what you think. I'm afraid it would only embarrass Jacob. After all, he is so prestigious..."

"Enough." Jacob finally broke his silence. There was a momentary flare of ange

much consideration, he confessed,"Yes, it would be more convenient for me to take care of you if we lived together."

"I refuse," Rita turned him down without any consideration.

"But why?" David was puzzled. So far he has willingly put up with everything she had asked of him, without question. There wasn't another man on this planet who was more tolerant and understanding as him, but still she wasn't happy with it.

"No specific reason," replied Rita.

"You must have a reason behind? You see, Emily moved into Tyrone Mansion so that Jacob could take better care of her. I think you should do the same, even though Emily moved out later on..."

"She moved out? Why?" asked Rita, as she suddenly sat up straight. She was obviously very concerned about her friend.

"You don't know?" asked David. Although David was confused by Rita's sudden change in attitude. He furrowed his eyebrows and explained to her,"Actually Emily was not pregnant, so she moved out from Jacob's house. She got angry when people gossiped that she was just trying to cozy up with the Gu clan with a fake pregnancy. Fortunately, Jacob blocked the news from spreading."

Somehow the news managed to reach the public, all thanks to Tina. That's how David found out about it. However, since Rita was never really interested in matters concerning the upper class of Jingshi City, she wasn't aware of the news. Besides, since Emily did not tell her, Rita figured Emily would have had her reasons for choosing to do so.

After all it wasn't something worth advertising, so it was understandable that Emily didn't choose to tell her.

"Emily isn't like that. I believe there must have been some kind of misunderstanding."

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