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   Chapter 113 Who Gave You The Right To Laugh

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There was a time when Jack had every intention of marrying Emily, and if she had agreed to marry Jack, his grandfather would have given them his blessings, even though she had came from a lower class family.

This would be very different for Jacob as old Mr. Gu had always thought very highly of him. If he were to marry Emily, she would not have been welcomed into the Gu Family, as old Mr. Gu would never allow a woman of her status to be the wife of the highest authority of the Gu family, even though he was more tolerant and lenient towards Jacob.? Not to mention the fact that the two of them had been at odds with each other because of this woman. That alone was enough for her to die several times over.

"And you, Emily," said Jack. A strange expression slowly appeared on Jack's face as he sneered," Do you really believe that you can marry into the Gu family just because you got pregnant with Jacob's child? Oh wait, I forgot; you even faked your pregnancy to win his favor..."

Jack had received the news long before it even graced Tina's ears.

"And if you're really pregnant, I feel sorry for you. Do you know what you'll end up with...?" continued Jack.

The cold and harsh tone made Emily's heart shiver. The next second, Jacob interrupted Jack as he yelled," Shut up!"

Jack felt pretty good about himself after making Jacob feel indignant. Even the old wounds and pain in the bottom of his heart seemed to have been alleviated, as he sneered," You should really look out for yourself, ha ha ha..."

Emily, let's see if Jacob had the ability to protect you, or if he would give up everything from the Gu family just to marry you!

"Get out of here!" Jacob yelled again. Jacob's eyes were cold, but his insides were boiling with fiery fury.

After Jack had finally left, Emily felt somewhat uneasy. Suddenly taken by curiosity, she couldn't help asking," Jacob, what did Jack mean by what he just said?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it," Jacob casually brushed off Emily's worries.

"Oh." Since Jacob didn't want to talk about it, Emily decided to stop pursuing her curiosity.

A moment later, she felt Jacob's sigh above her head. It was very subtle, perhaps too subtle to notice, and then suddenly she was pulled into the arms of a loving man, as he said," Don't worry, I will protect you."

Emily closed her eyes, not knowing how or why she felt safe in his arms. "Okay," she whispered.

"W...well, Mr. Jacob?" Unexpectedly, Leo walked into the room not knowing that he would find himself interrupting a

engaged?" asked Jacob, coldly.

"Grandpa Gu did. He said that he likes me and that we would be good together..." said Tina. With a veil of conceit on her face, Tina gave Emily an elated glance, as she hoped to find a hint of jealousy on her face.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any. From the moment Tina came in, Emily had preoccupied herself with the delicious food on the table. She didn't even acknowledge Tina's presence by looking at her.

Tina was not one to take ignorance very well. The audacity of that woman to ignore her like that! 'Keep eating, and when you become a fat pig, we'll see if Jacob still loves you!' Tina thought.

"Since my father likes you so much, you might as well marry him," Jacob scoffed. Then he switched to a more serious tone and said," It's also a good way for you to get into the Gu family. After all, that's what you want."

"Puff..." Emily who had been pretending to ignore them, could not keep it in anymore. She was so amused that she accidentally sprayed her drink all over the table and almost choked herself as she tried to swallow her laughter.

Jacob was simply breathtaking! To marry a girl who loved him to his own elder! Indeed, that took talent!

Tina's face turned green and then red. She was so angry that her entire face contorted. However, she wasn't brave enough to express her anger at Jacob, so she turned to Emily instead. "Who gave you the permission to laugh?" she said.

How dare she laugh at Tina!

"I did. What are you going to do about it?" said Jacob, as he pulled a paper towel and wiped Emily's mouth. He calmly said," You make me worry about you even when you're eating."

The last line was obviously for Emily.

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