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   Chapter 112 Do Not Objectify Emily

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Emily was nonplussed, but she did not refute because Jacob had a point. Quietly and slowly, she was about to chang her shoes.

Jacob looked at her heel, which had scraped a bit of skin off, and frowned. "No need to change your shoes," he said.

"Eh?" Emily was somewhat puzzled. "Then I am... not suited for the occasion?" she asked.

"If I say it's okay, then it is okay," Jacob asserted.


The time for the meeting was fast approaching.

When Emily stepped into the conference room, all the eyes fixated on her, making her feel pressured and uncomfortable.

At the same time, the chief executives sitting in the conference room were all shocked to see her there. How could Jacob bring his woman to the meeting! And this woman came in with an unkept hair and a pair of slippers!

How arrogant?!

Emily was still inexperienced. While the people who were present there were all seasoned professionals. Their eyes pressed against her, as if to choke her. She was sweating profusely as she cast a short glance at Jacob, like a helpless animal asking for help.

Jacob's heart softened at the sight of her desperation. He waved at her and said,"Come here."

Emily looked down at her feet, and took small steps to walk towards him, before she sat down right next to Jacob.

On the surface, these chief executives looked calm, but on the inside, they were all shocked. Soon they all came to the same conclusion that this woman meant a lot to Jacob.

Therefore, even if they were dissatisfied with her attire, they could only turn a blind eye to their concerns.

However, Jack could not keep himself calm.

The moment Emily came in, his gaze fell on her, almost without a conscious thought. After discovering that she had changed her clothes, his heart burned with intense passion.

Emily, however, did not notice Jack when she came in. From time to time she would peek at Jacob, with a look of dependence on her face, which made Jack even more angry!

Who the hell was Jacob! Jack wanted to make Emily regret choosing Jacob over him!

After everyone settled in, the meeting finally commenced.

Emily sat next to Jacob. She knew that her duty was to write down the key contents of the meeting. Soon, however, she was overwhelmed by the new and unfamiliar terms that came at her one after another. Clueless, she felt like

has her own thoughts and her own independent personality. I will never try to control or disrespect her.

Why don't you try asking her. Ask her if she wants to be with you or me? If her choice is the former, I will have nothing to say."

Caught in between, Emily found her thoughts running around in her mind, not knowing what to do.

Jacob said that she was not an object. She was her own person, and he would give her absolute respect...

Emily felt like she was on a roller coaster ride. Her feelings were scattered all over, but there was a hint of joy somewhere in her heart.

This man, seemed different than he used to be. He did not directly refute Jack's statement. Instead, he left it for her to decide. This meant that his thoughts about her were also changing. Finally, he was starting to take her feelings into consideration...

"Why do you like to cry so much?" Jacob teased, as he gently brushed his hands over her hair, and the love in his eyes was almost overflowing. He continued,"Are you still a child?"

"No..." Emily squinted her eyes and forced her tears back. 'Thank you, ' she said to him, in her heart.

'Thank you for everything that you've given me. Freedom, respect, safety...' Emily had suffered enough in life to know when to cherish the kindness of others.

"So, do you choose me or him? Well?"

The answer was very obvious. Emily would never choose Jack even if he were the last man on earth.

Jack's face darkened as he said,"Oh Jacob, good talk! If you don't regard her as your toy, then why don't you just marry her?"

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