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   Chapter 111 Stop There

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7319

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Grim-faced, Jacob tore off Emily's clothes with such force that several buttons fell to the ground.

Emily stiffened in fear, remembering the way he had behaved like a beast the other night.

'All in all, I'm just a toy for these men who occasionally have some interest in me, ' she thought bitterly.

Somehow, she felt wronged. 'I'm a human being! I have feelings too! Why are they treating me as if I'm a toy?'

"Why are you crying?" Jacob asked coldly, interrupting Emily's thoughts.

She blinked and realized that tears were streaming down her face.

Looking at her tears made Jacob feel somewhat guilty, but then he remembered what he had seen in the elevator and became angry again. "Go and take a shower. I don't like the smell of another man on your skin."

As he spoke, he pushed Emily into the washroom in his office.

Puzzled and scared, Emily stood still in the washroom, wondering why Jacob was asking her to take a shower.

Seeing her stand there without moving like a pitiful rabbit, Jacob raised his eyebrows at her. "Well? Are you expecting me to come in and help?"

But as soon as those words left his mouth, the door of the washroom slammed shut on him with a loud bang, leaving him speechless.

Emily looked around and found that the washroom was well-equipped with a shower head and bath supplies. She slowly began taking a shower. As she lathered the soap onto her body, she heard Jacob speaking to someone outside. And several minutes later, she heard a knock on the door.

"Your clothes," came Jacob's voice.

Emily tensed up and answered,"Just leave them at the door."

Without saying anything else, Jacob left the clothes at the door. After a while, he saw the door open a crack, and Emily's milky and slender arm appeared before his eyes. With her porcelain skin, she was really a beauty.

Her slender arm felt around before finding the clothes, then drew back quickly before the door was slammed shut again.

Jacob's eyes darkened when he saw the door slam, and he swallowed hard before turning his eyes away from the door.

Several minutes later, Emily opened the door and walked out wearing the new set of clothes. She was barefoot

hem softly, making the aching disappear.

The atmosphere was suddenly cozy and peaceful, and neither of them talked about what had happened in the morning.

Suddenly, they heard knocking at the door. Someone was right outside.

Emily sprang to her feet like a frightened rabbit, stepped away from Jacob's arms and stood there with her head lowered.

Jacob glanced at Emily before answering,"Come in."

His secretary, Leo, walked in and said,"Mr. Jacob, the meeting will start in a few minutes. I have already prepared everything."

Jacob nodded and tapped his fingers against the table. "Come with me to the meeting."

Not realizing that Jacob was talking to her, Emily stayed silent.

Leo stole a glance at Emily and thought, 'I never imagined that Mr. Jacob would bring a lady into his office. How incredible!'

When the realization hit her, Emily opened her mouth to reply, but Jacob quickly added,"She will be my assistant and help me with the meeting."

"I see," Leo answered absent-mindedly.

In his mind, he thought, 'She's not so much your assistant as she is your woman.'


When did I become his assistant?' Emily thought.

"Can't I just stay here?" she asked timidly. 'I don't know anything about being an assistant. What if I screw everything up?' she thought.

"No, you can't," Jacob answered firmly. "This is the first step you have to take to leave your comfort zone, so you have to come with me, no arguing."

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