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   Chapter 110 A Storm Is Impending

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When Emily saw Jack again, she felt bile rise up in her throat. She wasn't going to be a silly girl who let other people hurt her anymore.

She was about to step out of the elevator, but Jack pulled her inside.

"Why are you avoiding me?" he asked, pressing her against the wall of the elevator. "Are you that afraid of me?" he mocked.

Emily struggled against his grip and watched helplessly as the doors of the elevator closed. "Yes! You disgust me!" she spat.

Jack was taken aback by her words. "Wow! You've become bolder after being with Jacob," he sneered.

Emily's expression soured, but she didn't respond.

The fact that she was neither admitting it nor denying it made Jack angry. "Do you think Jacob really loves you? You're nothing but a plaything to him.

You're just a slut!"

Although Emily was burning with anger, she fixed a smile onto her face and drawled," You think so? Maybe I am, but I'm seeking a new happy life. Jacob is very good to me, much better than you..."

"Emily!" Jack cut her off before she could continue. With fury blazing in his eyes, he reached out and wrapped his fingers around her slender neck. "I know you slept with Jacob! What a shameless woman."

Emily's little face went red, but it didn't deter her from letting out a mocking laugh and saying," Hear, hear! You seem to be jealous. Does that mean you still love me? That's crazy... It's crazy..."

Jack immediately released her.

Emily slid down the elevator wall and onto the ground, coughing violently. She rubbed her neck as it seemed she could still feel Jack's fingers around it.

Jack stared at his empty hands with a bitter look on his face.

Love? How could he love this woman now!

He hadn't known that she was so easy. He had thought that Emily truly loved him, but she'd run


"You can try," Jacob growled.

If looks could kill, Jack would be dead.

Jack lost his composure when he saw the threat in Jacob's eyes. Although Jacob hadn't physically done anything to him, Jack felt like he had been grabbed in the throat.

Emily watched the two men fight with embarrassment. They were talking about her as if she was an object.

Meanwhile, the high-level officials looked around awkwardly, pretending not to hear anything, although they had confirmed that the rumor that the relationship between Jacob and Jack was sour because of a woman was true.

But no one cared about the gossip. They just wanted to get away from the tension in the room.

Defeated, Jack's face contorted into a sneer before he walked away.

But Jacob stood there without moving. The high-level officials had no choice but to wait behind him. Secretly, they were relieved, because they'd thought that the two men would definitely have a brawl right there and then.

As if nothing happened, they all took the elevator downstairs, and Jacob dragged Emily into his office.

"Jacob..." Emily mumbled. Jacob looked like he was about to hit her, which made her afraid. "Ah! What are you doing!"

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