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   Chapter 109 What Brings You Here

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7599

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Zola had to bite down her anger, otherwise it would do her more harm than good. She silently agreed to the deal so that she could at least get 1 million. After all, something was better than nothing.

Tina shooed Zola away, as if she were a dog begging for a piece of meat. "Go away as far as you can and you'd better not let me or Jacob see you again!" said Tina.

"Of course, Miss Tina," replied Zola.

'Tina Tao, ' Zola etched that name deep in her heart.

Sitting in her chair, Tina admired her nails with great satisfaction and a peace of mind.

'Zola was useless, but at least, it is good to know that Emily is not pregnant.

Emily is such a bitch. How could she have the honor of carrying Jacob's baby? Hmph!'

Tina found out from Zola that Emily was living in Tyrone Mansion, but she couldn't figure out what Emily was doing there. Nevertheless, nothing good could come from it.

For her devious schemes to work out, Tina had to somehow get Emily out of there, or else all her efforts would be in vain.

Tina was lost in deep thoughts when an idea popped in her head like a lightbulb, followed with a flash of complacence in her eyes.

Several days later, in the Tyrone Mansion.

Jacob had not come back for several days since he left that night. Meanwhile, Emily was still under house arrest. Needless to say, she tried to escape a few times, but she failed.

Emily knew that the servants would never let her leave the mansion without Jacob's permission.

After breakfast, Emily stood in front of the window to bask under the radiant sunlight. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

"Miss Emily..." said a maid, as she came to her from behind.

"Don't worry. I won't jump from the window to escape," said Emily, with a tinge of sarcasm.

They had all been keeping their watchful eyes on her, so it was virtually impossible for her to escape.

"I did not mean that," said the maid. She paused for a moment and then said to Emily,"Mr. Jacob called a few moments ago to let you know that you may leave if you want to."

"What?" Emily's eyes snapped wide open in shock. In fact, it sounded so unreal that Emily had a hard time believing what she had just heard.

Jacob... He actually agreed to let her leave? Really?

"Mr. Jacob wants yo

s soon as Sam pressed the button of the private elevator, his phone rang. Sam gave an apologetic smile to Emily, and then turned around to answer the phone.

A minute later, when Sam got off the phone he looked kind of anxious and nervous, as he said to Emily," Miss Emily, I'm so sorry, but I have to leave right now because my girlfriend is ill. Can you find your way to Mr. Jacob's office by yourself? He is on the 23rd floor."

Emily paused for half a second and then nodded as soon she heard that it was an emergency. "Sam, you should go. I'll be okay. I'll find him myself," replied Emily.

"Thank you, Miss Emily," said Sam, politely, before he left her.

Emily stood in front of the elevator for a while, hesitantly, before she walked in.

In truth, the thought of facing Jacob by herself for the first time after that night made her feel uneasy.

It would have been a little easier if Sam were there, but unfortunately, even Sam had to leave.

The elevator doors were dreadfully slow. Suddenly, a slim hand reached inside, and waved at the sensors to slowly open the elevator doors again.

Shocked as Emily was, looking up, her face froze like a popsicle the moment she laid eyes on the man outside the elevator.

It was Jack.

Dressed in a suit, he stood up straight. He was still as handsome as ever, but seemed more mature than before, or, one could say, he was more like a man.

"Emily!" he said. Jack also seemed to be surprised to see her there and said,"What brings you here?"

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