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   Chapter 108 You Don't Deserve My Money

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8018

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Emily struggled hardly against Jacob's grip, but the man's strong hands were too much for her to tackle with.

Assuming what Jacob would do to her next, Emily fell into desperation. She clearly acknowledged that she would not have any chance to escape from him.

"Don't touch me! I don't want it! You can't make me! Let go of me!" screamed Emily.

With a hardened look, Jacob sneered at Emily,"I don't need a talking barbie doll. Your body, that is all I want, and since we have already done that before, why are you putting up an act right now?"

"Get away from me!" Dreading Jacob's words, Emily cried out helplessly. The next moment, Jacob slammed his lips to hers and nearly knocked all wind from her lungs.

And he didn't stop at one kiss. He invaded her mouth like a relentless vampire, sucking her life from within. Emily felt like her entire body, starting from her lips, was on fire.

Emily had never been with such a passionate man before. In that moment, she felt like Jacob was a beast that would not rest until its fiery lust for her had been satiated.

Emily soon realized that resistance was futile, so she closed her eyes, as a drop of tear trickled down her face. "Do whatever you want. After all you saved my life. We will call it even after this," she said, Jacob paused for a moment. His appearance turned more predatory and a cold smile appeared on his face, as he said,"Well? I saved your life. Don't tell me you have decided to repay me with your body for just one time. It's far from enough,"

said Jacob, as he prepared himself for the main event, but then he heard Emily mutter with a deadpan voice,"So how many times would be enough to pay off what I owe you?"

Her words ravaged everything in its path, as it made its way through Jacob's ears, word by word, cutting into his heart and making him feel distressed.

Jacob did not care about being rejected by any other girl. What he desired most was for Emily to give herself to him whole-heartedly.

'What have I done? She must be completely repulsed by me right now. Just as she felt when she was with Jack, ' Jacob thought remorsefully.

Suddenly, Emily felt like the heavy weight on her was removed. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Jacob standing next to the bed, as he put his coat on.

Although, Jacob did not go as far as she had feared, Emily still felt violated by him.

She slowly pulle

tend to be good in both Jacob and Tina's eyes.

"Miss Tina," Zola secretly gnashed her teeth at the supercilious queen, but in the end she begged in a humble tone,"You are one of the reasons why I'm here. You have to help me. If Mr. Jacob finds out that I had escaped, he won't spare me!"

As she said, she suddenly kneeled down to Tina.

Tina frowned with disgust, as she spun her chair and turned her back at Zola and said,"Don't ever do that in front of me. I feel ashamed of you."

Zola had to lower her head as she clenched her fists, so that Tina would not see that Zola's eyes were full of resentment.

'You were born with silver spoon in your mouth. Otherwise, you won't dare to say that to my face. If one day your family goes down, I will do the same thing to you!' Zola vowed inwardly.

She felt lighter at the thought of Tina being bullied by everyone after her family went broke.

"Enough," said Tina. She didn't want to look at Zola any more. In an impatient tone she said,"I will ask my secretary to transfer one million dollars into your account. Now get lost."

Obviously, Zola was not at all satisfied with Tina's suggestion; she said,"One million is not enough..."

"How much money do you think would be enough?" Tina asked impatiently.

Zola paused for a moment, and answered,"Five million dollars should do it, I think."

"You really are a greedy little bitch," Tina sneered, squinting at Zola with an arrogant look on her face, and then she continued,"I may be rich, but you don't deserve my money. Do you know why? Because you can't do anything right."

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