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   Chapter 106 To Burn Bridges

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"Your mother?"

Zola's mother was the nanny who took care of Jacob when he was just a child. Indeed, Jacob had gratitude for her mother. However, it didn't mean that he would forgive Zola for what she had done to Emily.

Seeing Jacob's facial expression turn soft, Zola had high hopes of being exempted from punishment. So she continued,"By the way, if I hadn't done that, you wouldn't have found out that Emily was not pregnant."

There was no baby in Emily's belly. What had she done to deserve so much love from Jacob?

"So in your opinion, I should thank you for letting me know the truth, right?" asked Jacob. There was a trace of displeasure and sarcasm on his lips. Jacob turned to the bodyguards and ordered,"Take her to the place where she belongs."

"Yes, sir," The bodyguards took Zola away according to his orders.

"Mr. Jacob! Please! Please don't do that to me. I have already realized my mistakes. Just give me a chance!" Zola kept struggling and pleading incessantly. Her voice gradually faded out as she was taken away.

Emily stood by and listened to what was going on. She didn't intercede with Jacob for Zola, because she knew that Zola was just pretending to be innocent and remorseful.

"You figured out the truth so quickly," said Emily, as she marvelled at his competence.

Jacob's anger hadn't completely dissipated. However, as soon as he faced Emily, he took a long, deep breath, struggling to control his own emotions, and said gently,"When it comes to you, I will spare no effort."

Emily blushed, as she was overwhelmed by the warmth and consideration in Jacob's words. "So what the hell is going on?" she asked.

"Zola mixed some kind of medicine with the laundry detergent when she was washing my clothes, that was why you could smell its fragrance on my clothes," Jacob explained.

Although Emily had already guessed as much, the truth was still quite surprising to her. She asked earnestly,"Why did she put it on your clothes instead of mine? She just said that she likes you very much. Was she not afraid of hurting you?"

With a serious expression, Jacob stooped down to pick up the laboratory sheet that was scattered on the ground, and handed it to Emily. "This medicine is good for men's health, but not for women, especially for pregnant women. It can lead to fetal deformity and even miscarriag

ce with Emily. How dare she say that he had not respected her?

"Jacob, I am trying to have an adult conversation with you right now. I'm not trying to quarrel with you," explained Emily.

"So what do you want? Move back? That's impossible!" Jacob refused again.

Considering all the hardships and effort he put into bringing Emily into his home and giving her the best treatment she could ask for, how could he allow her to leave just like that? After all, he didn't get what he wanted from her.

"Jacob, you can't decide whether I am going to stay or leave. I am not your property," said Emily. She was a little angry, but she still restrained herself and tried to discuss the problem more calmly with Jacob.

Jacob, however, didn't give her a chance to speak at all as he claimed,"I saved your life, so of course you are mine."

Astounded, Emily could not think of the right thing to say.

What Jacob said was right. If he hadn't risked his life to save Emily from the earthquake, she would most likely be dead. This man had suffered all kinds of pains and injuries for her…… However, just because Jacob was her benefactor, it didn't mean that he could dominate her life.

"If you truly believe I didn't respect you before, you will experience the real feeling of disrespect in the next few days," vowed Jacob, angrily.

Just as he had finished speaking, Jacob got up and left without looking back at Emily

Soon, Emily realized what Jacob really meant.

Emily was put under house arrest and wasn't allowed to walk out of Tyrone Mansion at all.

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