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   Chapter 104 She Fakes Her Pregnancy To Win Jacob's Heard

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"I didn't…" Emily retorted, as her cheeks blushed red with embarrassment. After a while, she decided to tell Jacob what she was thinking.

Jacob narrowed his eyes, contemplatively. "I will look into the matter as soon as possible, and then I will let you know what I discover," he said.

How dare that person play such dirty tricks on his woman in his own place! No matter who that person was, Jacob would not let them escape.

"It's just a suspicion. I still have to find more evidence to avoid a misunderstanding," said Emily. Although Emily firmly suspected Zola, she still believed that she needed to find irrefutable evidence.

"Well, so..." Jacob raised his eyebrows and smiled cheekily. "So you took my underwear?" he teased her.

Was Jacob being serious? After all that, why did he insist on going back to this embarrassing topic?

Emily was both ashamed and annoyed. "I have told you before. It was just an accident," she replied.

However, since the underwear was kept with the aromatic clothes for a long time, it wouldn't surprise her if the smell had more or less caught on, but... Could they take the underwear to get it analyzed?


"Jacob, do you think I may be wrong?" Emily frowned and thought carefully. "If the fragrance was indeed harmful, why did she put it on your clothes instead of mine? Was she not afraid of harming you?" she wondered.

Jacob looked perplexed. He asked," Well, how do you know that she does not want to hurt me?"

"Because… All the women in this house like you, and love you," replied Emily.

So if these women wanted to hurt someone, they would have targeted her first!

"How about you?" Jacob's voice was low and magnetic, like a gorgeous cello. "Do you like me and love me?" he asked, with a mischievous look in his eyes.

Jacob gently raised her small chin and made her face him. His eyes were like a deep whirlpool, sucking her entire soul and body towards him.

Emily's heartbeat quickened with nervousness in her chest. It was so fast she could even hear the clear rhythm of her heart. She nervously looked down and mumbled," I... I don't."

Her voice was almost inaudible, but Jacob managed to catch on to what she had said.

Jacob's eyes suddenly turned black as charcoal, as he pulled her face into a hot, passionate kiss. "You dishonest little girl," he whispered.


While Emily was on her maternal l

Zola was wearing on her face. "I cannot tolerate insolence and indecency in my house," he said to Emily.

Emily realized that if Zola's eyes could hurt people, she would have been dead by now. That woman's jealousy knew no bounds!

After Jacob and Emily left, those servants blamed Zola. "Zola, it's you who told us these things!" they said.

"Do you have evidence? I never told you to gossip. Now you want blame me for your own faults? You all are being too unreasonable!"

Zola snickered at them in an anger. Her gentleness had completely disappeared. Her behavior was so different that it seemed like she was a totally different woman.

Some of the maids were not satisfied with the result. They said," Such gossips are not only from us; you, Zola, are the one who started this. If you hadn't told us, how would we have known about those things! Now that we are fired, you need to compensate us for out losses!"

"Even if I had said it, so what? How can you people compare yourselves to me?" Zola sneered, she continued," My relationship with Mr. Jacob..."

"Just because your mother was Mr. Jacob's nanny, doesn't mean that you can consider yourself a part of this family!" One of the servants sneered. "It was quite evident that Mr. Jacob did not buy into your lies. What relationship are you talking about?"

"Shut up!" Zola cried out in anger. She couldn't tolerate it anymore. If she didn't worry about Jacob, she would have screamed at them and kicked them out. "Do you still want to get your final salary?

If you do, you all have to shut your damn mouth!" Zola asserted.

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