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   Chapter 102 Am I So Crazy

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7671

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There was a subtle change in Jacob's tone, which made Emily's cheeks blush red.

"So these past few days, the prenatal education that I've been doing was for nothing?" His deep voice seemed to have an underlying meaning. Jacob gently stroked her slim waist and flash abdomen with his big hands.

"You..." Before Emily could finish, Jacob's long arms suddenly and unexpectedly pulled her closer to his body, causing her to fall into his warm embrace. The next moment, Jacob pulled her into a fiery and passionate kiss. "Um..."

Jacob forced open her closing teeth with his tongue and invaded her, like a thirsty animal that finally found water.

He had been suppressing his desires for too long.

Overwhelmed, Emily felt like she was going to suffocate. When she ran out of breath and couldn't keep up any longer, Jacob breathed air into her. Dazed, Emily didn't come back to her senses until Jacob pushed her on the bed.

"Um... Jacob..."

Emily turned her head, trying to get away from his kiss, but Jacob held her head in his hands and pulled her into a hot and demanding kiss.

When he finally pulled away, Emily opened her eyes and took shaky, shallow breaths. She asked him,"What... what are you doing..."

Emily was astounded. 'Why is this man's lung capacity so large?'

Jacob licked his lips and seemed like he still wanted to kiss her. "I'm doing what I've been wanting to do," he replied.

Emily bit her lower lip nervously, as she grasped Jacob's collar tightly, and said,"Jacob, don't do that again..."

"Don't do what?" Jacob smiled and slowly nibbled her earlobe. He noticed Emily's body tremble, as she let out little whimpers, which made him smile deeply. "Don't do this? Or do this..." Jacob mused.

Desire gradually filled his eyes, as his lust for her became overwhelming.

Emily was very familiar with his look, because of that night inside the car, when he looked at her in the same way. As if she were a tasty lamb that was going to be eaten...

'Dangerous, very dangerous.'

"Please, don't do that. You're scaring me..." Emily pleaded.

The more she pleaded, the more Jacob enjoyed it. He said playfully,"What if I can't help it?"

Immediately, Emily's face turn pale, and she looked like she was about to cry.

Although Jacob forced her t

However, on the other hand, she was also glad that the child never existed, because it would have suffered today due to her bleeding.

Emily remembered what the doctor had said. Lately, Emily had not been getting her period because of the pressures and symptoms of her false pregnancy. However, this sudden bleeding could have been caused by some kind of medicine that stimulates blood circulation.

Since the medicine was a blood-activating drug, it was harmful to pregnant women.

However, nobody knew that her pregnancy was false, so she guessed that someone wanted her to have a miscarriage. Fortunately the person who wanted to harm her did not know that she wasn't really pregnant in the first place.

Emily remembered the pushpin in the carpet. Although Kate was fired, subconsciously, she knew that it was not going to be that simple. She also remembered the shards of glass in the bottle of milk, and also what happened this time... 'Who on earth would want to harm me?'

Suddenly, she dawned upon a new realization. Emily got out of bed, walked to Jacob's room and looked for the clothes he had just taken off.

When Emily found them, she sniffed the clothes. 'That fragrance...

Does this fragrance have anything to do with it?' Emily had never smelled that fragrance before, until only recently, when she smelled it on Jacob more often than not. Only someone who was very close to him could smell it.

Obviously, she was that targeted person.

"Miss Emily, what are you doing in Mr. Jacob's room?"

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