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   Chapter 101 Too Eager Too Soon

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10676

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Emily was getting nervous. She wouldn't deceive him like that. She quickly grabbed his hand asking "You think I am lying to you? Come! Let's get to the bottom of this."

She didn't want Jacob to misunderstand her or accuse her of lying. So she was determined to find out the problem.

This was the very same hospital where Emily had learned about her pregnancy. So without hesitation, she grabbed Jacob in search for the OBGYN section.

By this point, it wasn't only what he would think of her anymore; she wanted to get some answers for herself as well. After a short while, they found the doctor who had diagnosed her; her badge read "Dr Li." Yes, that was her indeed.

"Doctor, do you still remember me? I was in this hospital about two months ago and you gave me a pregnancy diagnosis. Do you recall?"

Dr Li stared at Emily for a few seconds, trying to remember. Slowly, flashbacks of the bleeding incident from that day were coming back to her. How could she forget that? With all the details accounted for in her memory, she confirmed,"Yes, I do remember."

Dr Li then glanced over at Jacob thinking, 'Young people these days! She already found a new boyfriend.'

Relieved, Emily continued to inquire,"You are sure that you detected a pregnancy that day, right?"

"Yes, you're pregnant, and the report also said so," answered the doctor completely convinced. Just to confirm, she had already started looking for Emily's folder, and indeed, once she checked inside it, everything matched what she was remembering.

Emily quickly glanced at Jacob making sure he had heard all that, then turned back to the doctor continuing to inquire,"So doctor, is it possible... I just noticed I was bleeding. It looked to me like period bleeding, but that couldn't have been if I was pregnant. So I thought I had aborted, but the doctors in the emergency room told me there was no child. And now I don't understand anything anymore."

"But how could that be?" mumbled Dr Li perplexed. "The ultrasound from that day is clearly showing the figure of a child," she continued while staring at the report.

"Doctor, could it be... that you were mistaken?" asked Emily discouraged.

Since she was not showing any pregnancy symptoms, Emily was beginning to realize that the possibility of her not being pregnant was turning into a probability.

At that point, Dr Li started doubting it as well. She flipped through the records of Emily's previous visits and looked more carefully at the ultrasound image of the fetus. "Actually... you are right... I indeed made a mistake."

"Mis... take?" inquired Emily all deflated. She looked obviously troubled. A million thoughts were going through her mind. How? What was Jacob going to think? What was going to happen now?

Dr Li showed her the report explaining,"This was the fetal image of the woman before you. This is not the same ID number as yours. But because of the short period between your visits, the system assigned the ultrasound to both of your digital folders. That is why it was printed on your report too."

"So... I am not pregnant?" continued Emily.

"Well, you could still be actually. The blood test that day did confirm

window, with a look on his face that she couldn't quite read.

She swallowed nervously and went over to him, trying to figure out his thoughts. "Jacob, are you angry?"

He didn't respond. A few seconds later, he let out a short "Hmm."

He was indeed disillusioned. Even though unintentional, Emily had played with his emotions for quite a while.

"I didn't mean to deceive you," she excused herself again,"I didn't know either..." Emily felt like nothing she would say was enough at that point. She didn't want Jacob to misunderstand her, though. So she continued,"I don't know how things turned out like this..."

"So," Jacob interrupted her out of nowhere.

"" asked Emily reluctantly. She couldn't understand where he was going with that. Why was he looking at her like that? His eyes seemed mischievous, as if he was planning something, and that made her apprehensive.

She knew she had wronged him. She realized that he must be hurt; no sane person could just accept such a hoax however unintentional, especially after such a long time in which they both had gotten attached to this non-existing child.

Emily was feeling quite responsible for all that trouble. If only she would have been more careful. Both of them took the doctor's first diagnosis without even double checking. If only they had had an earlier examination; they could have avoided all the hassle and embarrassment.

Poor Jacob... The disappointment must had been killing him.

"So, how will you make it up to me now?" he added after a short pause. Emily was not understanding his question, though. Eventually, Jacob turned around. He ruffled her soft hair lightly and pinched her red, tiny cheek.

"Uhm," interjected Emily extremely confused. She then backed away, with an awkward, fake smile while investigating his reaction,"What exactly do you have in mind?"

Jacob closed the gap that she had put between them, and with a tantalizing voice, he whispered,"Well, you could make it up to me by giving me a real child. So far it's been a false pregnancy but it doesn't have to remain like that; let's make it a real one."

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