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   Chapter 100 You Are Not Pregnant

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8267

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The next day, Jacob did not show up at the company. Instead, he stayed back at the mansion and called the doctor who was supposed to see Emily yesterday.

Emily was just sitting quietly on the sofa, whilst eating biscuits and waiting for the doctor.

"How can you only eat so little?" Jacob's brows furrowed, as he got worried at how Emily only ate a few biscuits before putting them down.

"I am full," replied Emily, as she took a sip of the milk while Jacob leaned over towards her. She turned away shyly, since she still wasn't used to being intimate with Jacob. The perfume Jacob was wearing made her suspicious, so she finally turned back and asked,"What's that scent on you? It smells so good."

As a matter of fact, she had noticed the scent a while ago, but she just held her tongue until now.

Jacob stood up and smelled his sleeves carefully. He detected a strange scent that was never on him before. Unconcerned by the unfamiliar scent, he still decided to change his clothes, because it was making Emily uncomfortable.

Emily, however, turned around again and pretended to be glum as she said,"I can still smell it on you. What perfume are you using?"

"How can you have such an acute sense of smell? Do you have a dog's nose?" Jacob teased and smiled with his low voice as he gently clasped her nose between his fingers. "I never use perfume. I guess it must be the smell of the laundry detergent. If you don't like it, I can change it right away," he said.

'It could also be the scent of other women...' Emily did not dare to speak it out loud though. She only submissively nodded her head, and said,"Then you'd better leave me alone. I am not comfortable with that scent on you."

"You..." Jacob pinched her nose again, assuming he knew why she was acting like that. Although he believed she was just making up an excuse, he still sat a little further away from her. "Spoiled girl," he mocked.

Emily pretended not to have heard his words. Instead, she ignored him and sat even further away.

Jacob was confused at what was going on.

Just as he was about to say something, Emily suddenly turned towards him, her face as pale as the moon and eyes wide open.

"Jacob, I... I am bleeding..."

Emily did not feel anything before, but when she was moving away from Jacob just then, she sensed that something was wrong. She ran her hands down her skirt and felt something viscous. When she pulled up and found that her hands were dyed

n made Jacobs knees feel weak, as he stood there motionlessly. Fearing the worst, he was afraid to ask about the results.

However, all his feelings of horror disappeared in the blink of an eye, when he turned his sights to the door and saw Emily standing there.

His woman seemed... safe and sound?

Jacob's nerves gradually simmered down.

"Emily, are you..."

"I am fine." Emily's cheeks flushed as the paleness of her face vanished. "Jacob, actually I..." she muttered.

Emily was unintentionally interrupted by the doctor, who was just as nervous as Jacob earlier. "She just had her period. It's nothing serious, but remember to take good care of her," he kindly suggested.

Everyone assumed it was a matter of life and death, due to Jacob's urgency, but it was just her period. It wasn't something worth fussing over. 'Young people nowadays! Don't they feel ashamed of publicly displaying their affection for each other?'

Jacob carefully listened to every word of the doctor. He stared at Emily deeply and asked the question,"Emily, aren't you pregnant?"

Emily's eyes looked at the ground, nervously. Her voice was as frail as a strand of silk. "I don't know what is going on..." she replied.

When she had her body checked up that day, the results clearly stated that she was pregnant. could she not be pregnant now!

"I wasn't lying! I swear to you!" Jacob did not express his emotions before Emily, which confused her even more.

Without a word, he took off his jacket and put it around Emily's waist so as to cover the red stain on her skirt. His eyes looked like a bottomless pit, deep and mysterious.

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