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   Chapter 99 Prenatal Education

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Jacob placed his hand on Emily's belly, but he could not do anything as he was not a doctor. So he stood back up and said,"I will call a doctor for you tomorrow."

Emily nodded in agreement. When she lowered her head to continue her dinner, Jacob dropped a big chicken drumstick on her bowl.

"You should enjoy as much as you can before you start to get morning sickness," Jacob suggested, in a serious tone. Then he glanced again at Emily's belly and said,"Our baby will need more nutrition to grow healthy, you know."

It didn't seem so strange to Jacob that Emily's belly was still flat even though she was pregnant, as he knew that Emily had a slender body type because she never ate too much.

"Okay." Jacob sounded like a father getting his kid to eat vegetables, ' thought Emily, but still she nodded, and then she asked for one more bowl of rice. 'Anyway, Jacob is right about the baby needing proper nutrition.'

"By the way, where did you learn that from?"

Emily asked casually, but she was surprised to see Jacob turn his face away awkwardly as he said,"Everyone knows that."

One thing he would never tell Emily was the truth that he had been reading up on how to take care of a mother during her pregnancy, and he managed to retain most of the contents quite well in his mind.

To his relief, Emily did not inquire much about his unusual reaction. She just wondered whether such knowledge was actually known by all. 'Maybe I should read more books about pregnancy?' she thought to herself.

With different plans in mind, Emily and Jacob finished their dinner in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Before going to bed, Emily decided to pour a glass of milk for herself, as she usually did. However, when she got the glass and looked again at the milk, she found tiny little granules glittering at the bottom.

Confused, she shook the glass again a few times. 'It must be sugar granules, ' she thought. But she never added sugar in her milk. Perhaps it was Jacob? Or somebody else?

With the confusion in her mind, Emily took a table spoon and stirred the milk several times. However, she was even more surprised with what she discovered afterwards.

The "sugar granules" didn't melt even after being stirred. Moreover, every time she stirred they made a strange, crisp sound.

What the hell were these granules?

Emily quickly poured the milk into the sink to have a clear look at what those granules were. When she found out that they were actually tiny shards of glass with sharp edges, she was shocked and terrified.

'Who would put these in my glass? If I had just drank the milk without noticing, these granules could have hurt my throat, esophagus, stomach and might have even caused internal bleeding...' Stupefied, Emily could not even bear to thi

hen he was going to leave, but when she opened her mouth, she accidentally asked him,"When will you sleep?"

As soon as her words entered his ears, the corners of Jacob's mouth curved upwards, as he said to her with a mischievous look on his face,"Are you inviting me?"

Emily was so embarrassed. Her blush seared through her cheeks and for a minute she thought her face was on fire. She quickly replied,"No, that's...that's not what I meant."

"So what did you mean by saying that? Anyway, I think I got what you meant."

Emily, almost having had a bad headache because of Jacob, decided to explain herself. However, before she could say anything, her eyes widened at Jacob with surprise, as he suddenly took out a storybook from nowhere.

'Gosh, is that a storybook?' Emily was stunned.

A serious man with a storybook for children in his hands... What a ridiculous, but cute scenario.

"What are you laughing at?" Jacob asked in a serious tone, seeing as how Emily struggled to keep a straight face, then he continued,"It's called 'prenatal education'."

Prenatal education in the early stages of pregnancy could be very helpful to improve an unborn child's full potential through outside influence on the womb. Since Emily never bothered about it, he had no choice but to do it by himself. After all, it was his duty as a father-to-be.

'It is not ridiculous at all. Emily knows nothing about this stuff, ' Jacob thought.

However, Emily's smile soon turned into a serious look, and she asked,"So are you going to read the stories to our baby?"

Jacob nodded in a gentle manner. Emily looked carefully at the book in his hands, and said,"Wow, it's a fairy tale book in foreign language." 'Well, well, well. Foreign language education should start from an early age. It will be a wonderful prenatal education for the baby, ' she thought.

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