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   Chapter 98 Going Out Of His Mind

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"What about the baby?" Rita's belly had gotten quite big by now. Emily couldn't help but stare at it.

"The baby was an accident," Rita replied nonchalantly," but I'm still going to have it."

"But... why?" continued Emily inquisitively while trying not to step on her toes. Just a little bit ago, Rita was determined to get rid of her unborn child, and now she is so keen on keeping it. 'What had changed?' she was wondering.

It wasn't that she minded. On the contrary, she was happy that Rita was not going through with the abortion. But what had made her change her mind?

"David promised me all his property as long as I keep the child. I think it's a good deal, so I agreed," explained Rita on the same carefree tone. She followed that by a smile and a wink, as if nothing was wrong.

In spite of her bright, large smile, Emily could not reciprocate the gesture. Uncomfortable, she quickly changed the?subject. "Rita, have you been experiencing any nausea or vomiting lately?"

Rita nodded," Yes."

Indeed, she had been having a hard time eating any meals at all. The simple smell of food would make her vomit. Fruit, however, didn't trigger any unpleasant symptoms; so she ate plenty of those.

She craved cherries often, but it was not yet the season for them. So David decided to ask some merchant friends of his to bring him a few kilos of cherries from abroad when they imported their next batch. He wanted to keep the baby. So it was his duty to accommodate Rita's needs.

All the talk about Rita's morning sickness and cravings led Emily to the realization that her pregnancy had really been a cakewalk compared to her friend's...too much of a cakewalk, in fact. She had not been experiencing any side effects at all.

Rita and her got pregnant around the same time, too. So why wasn't she showing?

Perhaps Rita would have an answer for her, and she did indeed, but it wasn't a convincing answer. "Every woman is built differently," she said," so it's normal for each pregnancy to evolve differently as well. Don't worry about it. Besides, the baby is still too small to be felt. Everything is fine as long as you don't have any discomfort."

But was everything just fine? It had been almost four months. Was the child really that small?

The doubts were starting to eat away at her inner peace, but Rita's argument, even though cliche, did make some sense. Emily reasoned that if she had not had any bad symptoms at all, then everything must still be going well. Otherwise, she would have felt something. "You're right," she told Rita.

"Of course I am. Now, what about your wound? I have brought some herbal tonics for you. They can help speed up the healing process. Remember to eat them."

"Thank you, Rita. They will definitely help."


Their conversation kept going up until the afternoon. Rita had been at the Tyrone Mansion for hours by that point, all while David was waiting outside for her. When she finally came out of the house, he greeted

the wise thing to do: get out before he did something he would regret.

Aware of his anger, Rita started laughing even louder. Her words were noticeably true. He cared so much and she felt nothing anymore. That's precisely why she decided to obey his request, in fact. She unfastened her seat belt and got out of the car without hesitation. A taxi came by right after. He pulled by the side of the road at her request and then she left without saying any more words.

Furious, David drove away thinking she was laughing at his anger.

He didn't make it too far before he stopped the car to calm down. His vision had turned blurry and now he was also starting to feel remorse. After a few deep breaths, he started the car again, caught up with Rita's taxi and followed them around while fighting off a growing feeling of regret and guilt for having left her like that.


In the evening, at the Tyrone Mansion.

As Emily and Jacob were having their dinner, she suddenly remembered her conversation with Rita. Still worried about the progress of her pregnancy, she decided to open up about it to her baby's father–– Jacob.

To her surprise, his expression changed showing that he was taking the matter seriously. He put the fork down, looking at her underdeveloped belly. Jacob's long stare worried her even more; so much in fact, that perhaps if she took smaller breaths and not moved her stomach muscles, he would come up with some comforting deduction.

"Almost four months, but it looks so small," Emily said, trying to break the silence.

As she also looked at it again, she couldn't help but think 'my belly is flat rather than small.'

Pulling his chair closer, Jacob leaned over to touch her belly. The worried expression would not leave his face. On a serious tone, he asked," Do you feel any discomfort?"

"No," Emily answered softly. After she had become pregnant, Emily ate and slept better than before. She wasn't experiencing any of the regular signs of pregnancy.

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