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   Chapter 97 Jacob Was Blind

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Kate remembered Jacob's sullen indifference and moody temper, as her heart trembled with apprehension with just the thought of it. In the end, she was still a little scared, and her eyes were bloodshot. She hesitated for a little while and finally said," Okay, I shall leave now. Thank you, Zola."

"You're welcome. Just go," Zola insisted, as she watched her walk out of the Tyrone Mansion, sporting a satisfied smile. Unfortunately, the smile didn't stay on her face for too long.

Did she still need to inform Tina that Jacob wasn't going to the banquet? After all, she had already received her bribe...

'Forget it. I won't tell Tina. Otherwise I will get a scolded. That lady is very stroppy!'

In the room, there were only two people, Jacob and Emily. Sitting with their eyes locked at each other, the atmosphere between them was somewhat gloomy.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to..."

Emily took the lead to apologize and she was very sincere.

Jacob stared at her little face, remembering the wound on her foot, and decided to forgive her with mercy. "Well."

For some reason Jacob found it hard to be angry with Emily for too long.

Emily peeked at his face and saw that there was no sign of anger so she felt relaxed. She thought for a moment and said to him," I heard that this banquet is very important. Are you sure that you don't want to go?"

"It is not more important than you,"

Jacob replied, almost without thinking, without any false elements.

Moved by his words, Emily's heart started beating faster. As she forced herself to calm down, she insisted," Actually, I will be fine. Don't worry about me. Just go..."

"Are you trying to drive me away?"

"No, don't get me wrong..."

Emily quickly explained, fearing that Jacob would misunderstand her sentiments. She noticed that he had a partially satisfied smile on his face.

"Oh, if you don't want to drive me away, then you hope that you'll let me keep you company," Jacob insisted, raising his eyebrows slightly. With a pair of dark eyes filled with mischief, he continued," You always say no and mean yes."

"I do not…"

Emily realized what was happening so she bit her lip and stopped talking. She knew that she would never win in an argument against Jacob, so she said reluctantly," Whatever you say."

"Good girl,"

replied Jacob, as he smiled cheerfully. Out of the blue, he lifted her to his chest and lost himself to her captivating eyes, as

rious, she needed to take a good rest to allow her to recover properly. She did not go out of the house in the next few days. When she thought about Rita, she decided to call her on the phone to catch up with her.

Rita seemed to be doing well for herself. When she found out that Emily was injured, she got so worried that she decided to pay her a visit.

Emily was not willing to refuse her kindness, so she just let Rita do whatever she wanted. Besides, she also wanted to see how Rita was doing.

Moreover, after her confrontation with Rose, Rita was the only friend worthy of her trust, and she naturally kept Rita in her heart.

After half an hour, Rita arrived at the Tyrone Mansion. It was David who drove her there. However, because Jacob was not there, he did not come in, in order to avoid any misunderstanding. He just waited in the car.

Emily found it so embarrassing that she insisted Rita," David is also our guest. You must bring him inside with you."

Rita raised her brows slightly and snorted," I didn't force him to stay in the car. I don't care about him anyway."

Emily was already aware of the relationship between Rita and David, but it was still a bit shocking to hear such words from Rita's mouth. Emily asked," Hey, you two...

You guys were a couple once. How did you come to hate each other so much?"

Rita seemed to be in a good mood. Instead of evading Emily's question, she casually spoke her mind," David is my ex-husband. When his grandfather forced him to marry me, he had to break up with his first lover. After his grandfather's died, we got divorced. It's really that simple."

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