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   Chapter 96 The Pushpin

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Hearing the noise, Jacob rushed inside only to be met with an image of a pained Emily sitting on the floor, aside a distracted, carefree Zola.

"What happened?" he exclaimed. Without waiting for an answer, he quickly stomped over to her, shoving Zola out of the way. The sight of Emily cradling her tiny, hurting foot stirred up a mix of anger and pain inside of him that his face could hardly hide.

"It's nothing; don't worry. I must have just stepped on something sharp." Trying not to call any more attention towards herself, she attempted to lift up on her elbows and palms but, just as quickly, Jacob placed his hands firmly on her shoulders, holding her down on the ground.

"No, don't move" he pleaded.

Concerned, he leaned over to examine Emily's foot. The wound looked much more serious than she had made it seem. It was swollen and heavily bleeding. It could easily get infected, and Emily's strong hold of her foot showed she must have been in a lot of pain. In spite of all that, Zola was seemingly daydreaming nearby, not even pretending to worry about her wellbeing. Jacob could not take it anymore. A rush of utter anger overtook him as he turned and shouted towards Zola,"What are you waiting for? Call the doctor!"

As if just awoken from a dream, Zola took a few seconds to come to her senses. Slightly frustrated by Jacob's concern, she simply complied and ran downstairs to call the doctor.

The doctor arrived shortly after and gently checked the wound. Emily had indeed stepped on a pushpin. He carefully removed the pin from the sole of her foot, and wiped the area clean with a few alcohol swabs to disinfect it and stop the bleeding. Even though in pain, Emily was not making a sound throughout the entire time. The pain started to subside soon after the doctor applied a generous amount of numbing antibiotic ointment to the wound. He then threw an oversized gauze pad over it and wrapped it up with some thick bandage.

"Miss Emily", he proceeded to explain,"luckily, the pushpin didn't reach too deep inside your foot. But you still have to watch out for an infection and I would recommend that you limit your walking to only what is strictly necessary." It wasn't what Emily wanted to hear but she agreed to listen to his advice. She had to, after all. Jacob would not let it be any other way. The doctor then instructed both of them on when and how to use the ointment, and left right after.

Still somewhat shaken by the whole situation, Jacob sat next to Emily at one end of her bed and asked,"Where was the pushpin?"

'Where was the pushpin?!' she thought. Emily hadn't thought about it until Jacob brought it up. After pondering for a while, Emily replied honestly,"I'm not sure. Maybe it was in the carpet and I just stepped on it. I couldn't tell there was anything on the carpet."

"Who cleaned this room?" he continued on an accusing tone. With his eyes narrowed into two angry slits, he piercingly stared over at Zola for a few seconds awaiting her reply.

Panicked, Zola replied,"Sir, this room was cleaned by Kate..." Then she briefly paused, perhaps feeling sorry for having thrown Kate under the bus. "It was all my fault," Zola continued. "I should have double checked the room more carefully..." Her moment of remorse quickly turned into a slight fear of possibly being found out.

The worried expression on Zola's face actually affected Emily. She always saw only the be

mind, and settled for an "Okay." Reluctant to actually obey him, Zola slowly dragged her heels towards the door hoping he would change his mind. However, Jacob was set on his decision, so she conformed and went downstairs to inform Sam.

Even though confused by Jacob's sudden instruction, Sam didn't try to argue with Jacob about it. After all, he knew how important Emily was to him. So his decision did not surprise him in the least.

After informing Sam, Zola came back inside the mansion when she noticed a maid suspiciously pacing around in the garden. Uncertain who that was, Zola approached the scene and noticed Kate, her scapegoat, distressed, crying and talking to herself.

She quickly walked towards Kate, clutched her arms and asked her in a low voice,"What are you still doing here, Kate? Why haven't you left yet? Didn't I tell you to leave right away? Mr. Jacob would be furious if he saw you're still here."

Kate's eyes were bloodshot from all the crying. With a shaky voice, she proceeded to speak,"Zola, I really cleaned that room well, and checked it thoroughly. There couldn't have been a pushpin on that carpet. Could you please allow me to explain myself to Mr. Jacob?"

Being a servant for the Gu's came with quite high salaries and benefits; so Kate didn't want to lose this job. She couldn't understand what had happened that day. Where did that pushpin come from? She knew it was not her fault and couldn't simply accept the blame for it.

Even more afraid of being found out, Zola continued to keep herself calm while addressing Kate sternly,"I'm sorry Kate. I can't help you. It was you who cleaned that room, and it was in that room where Miss Emily got hurt by the pushpin. She's very angry about it, and so is Mr. Jacob. If you stay here, your situation will only get worse."

"Zola, but I..."

"I've given you three months worth of salary than you have not yet earned. You should know what's good for yourself. If you keep staying here, you will only make Mr. Jacob angrier and you might even lose all that money too! You must leave now before he sees you." Zola briefly paused and then continued on an even more frustrated tone,"Go! What are you waiting for? If anything happens to Miss Emily again, Mr. Jacob won't show any mercy to you!"

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