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   Chapter 94 The Baby Is Really Moving!

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Updated: 2019-02-01 04:03

Jack could not believe that the forces he had been deliberately cultivating for some time would be so vulnerable when it came to Jacob. Saving Emily's father, and sending all of Jack's people to jail, was just a piece of cake for someone like Jacob!

Before this, Jack thought that he had grown strong enough to confront Jacob, since he had already gained his position in the company, which is why he dared to threaten Emily in the first place. He was no longer afraid of Jacob stepping in; in fact, he was looking forward to it.

However, little did Jack know that his naivety would get the best of him! Speaking of planning all the tricks and schemes, he was far from being experienced compared to Jacob. In any case, a fall into the pit, a gain in his wit. Jack still had a long way to go.

Jack was angrier now, for he knew that his failure would only make Emily rely more on Jacob and love him more deeply.

It was a double whammy! Jack's failure had caused his anger to consume him.

Even though this time Emily's father was safe and sound, Jack had exasperated Emily once and for all. She could forgive his transgressions towards her, but when it came to family, Emily's heart would show no mercy. This time Jack had overstepped the line!

Considering the past they had shared, Emily had thought about forgiving Jack. After all, mistakes were made on both sides and they had shared a real relationship before. However, it did not mean that she would let Jack get away with threatening and humiliating her family. Since Jack had already declared that he would not let Emily lead a peaceful life, why would she still tolerate him? Emily wanted him to be punished for what he had done!

In the LA office.

Emily and Jacob were sitting face to face, handling the company affairs together, which was something she had never done with him before. It wasn't until then when Emily finally realized that Jacob was a genius in handling businesses!

Jacob would point out the problems she did not understand, explain them to her in the easiest way and work out the most reasonable solutions in the shortest time.

Emily felt nervous, intimidated by his prowess. As the CEO of the Gu Consortium, wasn't he overqualified to be helping her with the affairs of a small company? Emily felt like she was wasting his talents.

Why was she feeling guilty about it?

"Why are you looking at me like that?" asked Jacob. He looked up, straight into Emily's eyes, with a hint of playfulness.

Emily quickly shif

of the baby. However, Emily was not one to sit around in the house, so she might have gotten angry with him if he tried to keep her locked up in there.

Since there was really nothing Jacob could have done to persuade Emily, he decided to send his most trusted confidant to help her and watch over her, and most importantly, to protect her.

Emily understood Jacob's reasons for being worried, so she accepted his request without resistance," Okay."

As the noon drew near, the two of them discussed where they would go for lunch. Before leaving, Jacob insisted on checking on the baby by resting his ear on Emily's belly. "We should ask our daughter what would she like for lunch," he said.

Emily decided to humour him and play along. In truth, she was very eager to feel any kind of movement, as she hadn't felt the baby move yet, not even once...

Emily sat on a chair to relax herself, while Jacob was knelt beside her and pressed his ear to her belly attentively.

After a while, Jacob suddenly looked up, with a surprised expression on his face as he exclaimed," The baby...It's actually moving."

"What? Really?"

Jacob took her hand and placed it on her belly. After a few seconds, she felt a movement under her belly too.

"It's really moving!" Emily was so excited. She couldn't contain her happiness and she screamed out," This is so amazing!"

Excited as if they had discovered a new world, these two adults, who had never been parents before, stayed back in the office for a long time. It wasn't until the sound of the baby's movement, was replaced by the sound of their collective stomachs growling in hunger, did they stop the exploration.

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