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   Chapter 93 I Don't Love You Any More

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Jacob was just lying in bed next to Emily, doing nothing. The awkward silence filled the space between them.

"Are you still awake?" he whispered.

"Yeah..." Emily opened her mouth for a second, and then fell silent again.

Jacob had sensed that Emily was itching to say something to him, but he had no intentions of forcing her. After a while, he leaned his head closer to Emily's belly, put his ear against it and asked softly,"Are you awake too, my little darlin'?"

Nonplussed for a moment, Emily could not hide her amusement,"What makes you think that the baby will understand your question?"

"I just know it," Jacob chuckled, and then he continued in a confident manner,"Hey, my little baby. Why are you so upset today? Tell me."

'He was more like a baby, ' Emily thought, amused by his childish nature. "Upset? How did you know..."

She suddenly paused, when she thought of the fact that Jacob was actually talking to her.

'Did he ask if I am upset?' Emily wondered.

Anyway, she shouldn't be surprised if Jacob found out that there was something wrong with her, because she was not good at concealing her emotions. Meanwhile, Emily did not know whether she should tell him about her problems or not.

"My little baby has something important on its mind, I guess?" It looked like Jacob was talking to the baby in Emily's belly, with a tender and loving tone, but Emily knew that he was actually asking her,"Would you like me to kiss you and hold you in my arms?"

"Please don't do that," Emily muttered in a low voice. Since she did have something weighting on her mind, she was not in the mood for jokes,"I am tired. Good night."

With a clear look of disappointment in his eyes, Jacob's smile turned upside down.

'Why won't she share her secrets with me?'

The next day, Emily spent the whole morning in torment, sitting in her office trying to ease her worries. When suddenly the phone rang.

"Well. Emily, have your prepared your answer?" From the other end of the line, Jack's smug and ambitious voice came in and doubled her worries.

Irritated by his attitude, Emily asked,"How do I know that you're not lying to me?"

Jack snickered,"I knew you would say that, so I prepared something for you."

After a few seconds, Emily suddenly heard the voice of her father over the phone. He sounded like he was panicking out of helplessness,"Emily! Emily! It's me! Just give them money and save me! Hurry!"

Emily's pupils dilated with shock when the voice of her father pierced her mind. She did not expect that t

e me..." Emily couldn't help but feel worried, as she held Jacob's hand tightly,"My head was spinning when I learned what had happened to my father. Otherwise, I would have come to you for help sooner."

"I do believe you, but the problem is, you don't believe me," said Jacob.

Feeling suffocated, Emily had opened her mouth but the words weren't coming out.

Jacob pulled her close, and stared deep into her eyes. Then he signed and said,"If you had trusted me, you would have been able to tell me everything. And if you had told me earlier, your father would not have been in their possession. But you didn't. Instead, I had to find out about everything like this."

That's why Jacob had come to LA Company. However, little did he expect, that he would hear Emily speaking with Jack over the phone; and because Emily gave all her attention talking to Jack, she did not hear Jacob's footsteps approach her.

Emily also didn't know that Jacob had heard her say,"I loved you once".

It broke Jacob's heart as he almost stepped forward to take the phone away from Emily at once, but he somehow kept his composure.

Guilt-ridden, Emily murmured,"I'm sorry..."

Jacob stopped thinking about what Emily had said to Jack before, and pinched her cheeks with both hands,"I am you man and the father of the baby in your womb. The only person you need to trust is me.

So don't keep any secrets from me in the future, or I will see to it that you suffer the consequences."

Emily nodded, still somewhat dazzled but touched,"Thank you, Jacob. And my father, he..."

"I know," Jacob gently rubbed her cheeks, which went pink after he pinched them. He assured her,"He will be safe. I promise."

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