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   Chapter 92 You Are Receiving Charity from Me, Understand

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7744

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The sales clerk had her people bring out the new stroller. Emily saw it and thought it would be perfect for her baby, and because of the sales clerk's fancy sales pitch, she finally decided to buy it.

Although it was a bit expensive, she felt it was worth it for the baby. As a parent she wanted to give her child the best things in the world.

When Emily was about to check out, she suddenly heard a familiar voice. The voice sounded so "charming" that it gave Emily goosebumps.

"Hey Emily, you're here too? Are you also buying baby products?"

Emily looked back in disgust. Sure enough, it was Rose, and the man standing next to her was none other than Jack.

Jack's gaze fell directly on Emily, and he couldn't take his eyes off her since. His emotions were complicated.

Emily seemed to have gained some weight and her face was a little more plump and rounded, but her skin looked fair and smoother than usual. She looked pretty with chubby cheeks, like a beautiful peach.

By the looks of it, Emily had been doing very well for herself after she left him and it seemed like the rumours of Jacob and her being together were true.

But why? The person who toyed with her feelings was him, and yet the person who was hurting the most was also him! While Emily looked like her life had changed for the better!

Emily perceived the turbulence and hot emotion in Jack's eyes, so she looked away to avoid looking at him.

She did not forget what Jack did to her!

The hatred was coming back to her again, little by a little in her heart.

Rose had detected the undercurrent between the two people, but she pretended not to notice. She walked up and looked at the baby carriage. With a satisfied look on her face, she turned to Jack and said,"Honey, we should buy this baby stroller for our baby. What do you think?"

Jack agreed with her without a second thought,"Okay, if you like it then I like it too."

Contented, Rose smiled, and there was a certain gentleness in her eyes which was rare for her usual nature. Unfortunately, it didn't last too long, and soon her eyes were filled with calculations.

Embarrassed, the sales clerk looked at them awkwardly. She turned to Emily, who was standing there with a confused look on her face, and then to Rose,"This lady had already reserved this b

n think about telling Jacob, or you will have to face the consequences. Do as I've said."

"Jerk." The chill hit the Emily's entire body. She fell to the ground slowly, as her knees weakened, but her eyes were still hateful.

Jack was about to help her get up, but he stopped when he heard the word. However, he was not angry. "I will give you a day to think about it clearly."

Even if she hated him, it was still better than when she did not care about him! Emily would never be able to be with Jacob so easily!

"Let's go, Rose." Jack casually waved at Rose, looking cheerful as ever.

Although Rose didn't know what Jack had said to Emily, when she saw the desperation on Emily's face, she felt happy in her heart. She walked over to Jack to take his hand and walked away with him.

In the end, Emily did not buy the baby stroller. She went back to Tyrone Mansion, hoping to find a solution to her problems, but the stress was pounding her head as she could not think of anything useful.

Perhaps she could do as Jack had said, kill the child and leave Jacob? The latter was something she could manage, but the former was something she could never bring herself to do. After all, it was her own flesh and blood.

Jacob's mind was meticulous. He had noticed the abnormal state Emily was in, but since she did not say anything, he did not want to bother her.

In the evening, Emily asked Jacob to stay with her before going to sleep, which made him more suspicious about the fact that she was hiding something in her heart!

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