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   Chapter 90 Are You Trying To Scare Me

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Rita ate like a bird and vomited again and again. Emily watched the whole thing and patted her on her back sympathetically. "Do pregnant women always vomit? Why don't I feel like vomiting?" asked Emily.

Rita grabbed the tissue Emily handed to her and apologized,"So sorry for giving you so much trouble."

"Don't be silly," Emily said, as she looked worriedly at Rita's pale complexion.

Sitting opposite to them, Jacob, listened to the whole conversation and couldn't bear to listen anymore. "Emily, be sure to take good care of yourself before you take care of others," he said.

Emily ignored his words and glared at him angrily.

Jacob felt disappointed. This sassy girl reached out for a yard after taking an inch, and now she was blatantly disobeying him!

When Rita went back to her room, Jacob dragged his sassy girl to another room, nonchalantly.

Emily sensed something was wrong. But just as she tried to run away, she was pulled close to his embrace. She struggled to free herself, but her waist was wrapped tightly by his strong arms.

"Want to run? Huh?" asked Jacob. She could smell the danger from his tone.

"No," she answered in a dry tone and looked at the man in front of her as if she had no idea what he was talking about. Emily felt that Jacob was like a demon with spread-open wings, who would eat her up if he were angered.

"It seems like you are not taking me seriously at all, right?" he asked.


"Aren't you? Lately you've been giving all of your attention to that woman," he complained.

Emily coughed to hide her nervous feelings and said,"She is my best friend and she is pregnant."

Jacob nipped her cheeks and said discontentedly,"Does it mean you can ignore me then?"

Just as Emily wanted to say something, she felt a slap on her bum. She froze and then said angrily,"You can't... you can't just hit me whenever you want!"

"I want you to learn a lesson."

"If you dare do that again, I'll, I'll…"

Jacob looked down to her face and said coldly,"What will you do?"

"I'll…" Emily was flustered. She was so angry that she

s so unreasonable.

Jacob watched her attentively as she drank the water. He was afraid of the thought that she'd be crying a lot more from now on, since pregnant women have severe mood swings, and he had witnessed it with his own eyes not long ago.

After she put the glass down, she noticed that Jacob was staring at her, so she stared back at him as well, but they didn't say anything to each other for some time.

"Jacob," Emily was the first to break the silence. She asked,"Don't you think it's strange that why I've never once vomited ever since I got pregnant? And I haven't shown any symptoms of pregnancy yet?"

Seeing her come back to normal, Jacob relieved his aching heart, but he pretended to be aloof and replied,"Isn't that a good thing? Doesn't that mean that you won't have to suffer then?"

Jacob was skeptical as to whether Emily could handle the strain of vomiting after every meal, just as Rita did.

Emily felt encouraged by his words, but she continued,"This makes it all the more strange. Do you think that our kid will be born different from other babies?"

The thought of it horrified her. Lately, she had been paying a lot of attention to Rita. Thus, she felt confused when she noticed that they were going through different stages in their pregnancy.

The report clearly showed that she was pregnant, and yet she wasn't showing any symptoms of pregnancy.

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