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   Chapter 89 How Dare You Sniffing Around My Girl

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 5670

Updated: 2019-01-30 12:25

"Can't you at least show some sympathy?"

"I don't have time for such things."


She had failed to convince the man sitting next to her in the car.

When Emily was about to give up, Jacob said to her with a cheeky smile and a deep voice,"Well, it's not entirely impossible."

Emily's face suddenly lit up like the sun. She looked at him, eyes sparkling with joy and asked,"Really?"

Jacob smiled back. He just couldn't resist her puppy dog eyes. "If you kiss me, I will say yes."


"Can't you think of something else?"

"No," Jacob raised his eyebrows, and continued,"I pretty much have everything else."

'Well, that's true.' Emily thought for a while, then she said,"Fine. I will kiss you when we..."

It was just a kiss. They had already kissed a thousand times.

"I want it now."

"You what?" Emily shook her head and hinted Rita at the backseat. "Don't be ridiculous..."

Jacob just stared at her without saying a word. He obviously meant it.

Emily and Jacob were whispering at each other, and the music was loud that Rita had no idea what they were talking about.

Besides, she had her own problems to worry about.

"Well..." "All right then..."

Emily bit her lip. She slowly leaned forward, but quickly shied away. It was just so embarrassing, especially with her friend in the backseat.

Jacob gave her a gentle smile, looking genuinely amused. "Come on, mommy."

What did he just say? The man was just utterly troublesome!

'Whatever, ' Emily thought. She kissed Jacob on the cheek, and then quickly moved back to her seat.

"Are you satisfied now?"

"Yeah," Jacob was so fond of playing games with her. He gazed at Emily,

ifficult to track down Rita because she did not use her credit cards or her ID card. She even managed to avoid all the surveillance cameras.

David hadn't been so angry in a long time, but somehow Rita always found a way to infuriate him.

The phone suddenly vibrated.

David picked up the phone immediately without even looking at the screen. "Did you find her?"

"Find who?" It was a man's voice. He sounded pretty drunk,"David, are you coming tonight? We have new girls in the club..."

It was his drinking buddy. So still no news from her. "Go play with yourself," shouted David, and hung up the phone angrily.

A few seconds later, David made another phone call. "Keeping searching until you find her!"

Rita stayed in Tyrone Mansion for three days, while David suffered through the horror of losing her.

However, David wasn't the only one who was suffering. Jacob also felt that Emily's full attention was going to the guest in the house and not him. He felt ignored.

Regardless, he still asked the chef to take good care of the two pregnant ladies under his care. He even hired a nutritionist for them.

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