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   Chapter 86 So Cute

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Stunned, Rita felt like her throat was closing in, as she couldn't even utter a noise.

Yes, she was an orphan, with no father and no mother.

But she had her Grandfather Xu, who was the comrade-in-arms of David's grandfather. Grandfather Xu raised her, loved her, helped her finish her studies, and finally married her to a good husband.

Unfortunately, Grandpa Xu had passed away and she had been divorced. Back in Z Country, she had no home, not anymore.

Having seen the grieving expression in Rita's eyes, David regretted what he had said. After a while, he said to her,"Okay, what do you want?"

After all, they were once husband and wife. Even if he did not love her anymore, she was still the woman who his grandfather asked him to marry.

Rita regained her composure. She looked at David. From his expression, Rita knew that he thought she had an ulterior motive. She said with a grim smile,"I want you to get out of my sight right away!"

The only person, her grandfather, who loved her so much was gone. As for the rest of the Xu family, she didn't have any personal connections with them.

"Rita! I'm warning you. Don't push your luck!" David voiced his fury.

David was not the kind of person who would easily get angry, but this woman knew how to get on his nerves!

"You can calm down. I said that I will abort this child the day after tomorrow, and after that I will have nothing to do with your or the Xu family!"

Rita's words sounded very harsh to David's ears. He sneered,"How do I know if you're telling the truth or not?"

"You don't believe me? Good!" Rita was not angry instead she just laughed. She put her bag on the table and took out a bottle of medicine from it. She poured herself a glass of cold water and said,"This is the abortion medicine. I originally wanted to have a surgery, but now I think this can also work. Maybe latter I'll just need to arrange a curettage."

Soon, she opened the bottle and put some white-coloured pills on her hand.

Angered by her arrogance, David rushed to her just as she was about to swallow the pills. He knocked them off of her hand, as he cried out,"Rita!"

The bottle fell to the ground and the white pills scattered all over the floor.

Without a conscious thought, Rita knelt down to pick them up.

David kicked the p

ed,"I spoke with my daughter. Didn't she tell you?"

"You!" Emily was so frustrated that she punched him, but he just carried her on his shoulder and went outside.

"Let's go home!" said Jacob.

Agitated, Emily looked like she was about to cry as she said,"Jacob, you are too much! I've already paid the advance for one year. Now I will never get my money back!"

"Well, I will pay you. Ten times of what you've paid, okay?" Jacob, looked at the little rabbit who was struggling in his arms, joyfully. He said again,"Let's go home, babe."

"I am not a child." Emily slowly calmed down and whispered,"Put me down, please!"


It was so embarrassing...


In the Tyrone Mansion.

It was the third time Emily had been in that place. This time around, she wasn't as nervous as she was before. Perhaps because she had a sense of trust in Jacob.

"Jacob, what will people say if I live with you?" Emily calmly expressed the concerns, deep in her heart.

Jacob obviously disapproved of her words. He smirked and brushed her hair with his fingers as he gently replied,"Who would dare to talk about us?"

Only someone who did not want to live in the world anymore.

Emily realized that Jacob liked to touch her hair and head. She moved away from him and said,"I think this is inappropriate..."

"Come on! Seriously? Still want to escape now that you're already here?"

Emily cried in her heart, 'You always force me to do everything. You even moved all my things to your place without even discussing it with me!'

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