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   Chapter 85 You Do It On Purpose, Right

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6745

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"How did you get in?"

Jacob replied, nonchalantly," The key was inserted at the door."

Emily looked at him angrily and said," Then why don't you have your clothes on?"

"I don't have any clothes to wear."

"No, you do. Jack left his clothes, the last time he was here..."

Having said that, Emily realized her stupidity, and shut her mouth.

The next second, Jacob forced her chin up to face him as his eyes pierced into hers.

Discontented, Jacob's voice had an unpleasant tone," You let him stay here the whole night?"

When Emily confronted his eyes, she realized that he was really angry. However, Jacob was that kind of person who seldom revealed his true feelings, even anger. Emily's voice trembled," Yes, there was once... But we didn't do anything..."

She explained without a conscious thought, but the pain on her chin grew and she couldn't help screaming out," Ouch..."

Jacob released her chin in an instant, and bit into her lips gently in anger. His tongue was strong and did not give her any room to breath. He kissed her deeply.


Emily tried to push him away. She almost cried in pain. Why did this man always bite her without saying a word?! Was he a dog?

"As my child's mother, I want you to stop hanging out with strange men. Do you hear me?"

Jacob's eyes were dark as he gazed into hers and his fingers rubbed her lips. His tone indicated some kind of warning.

Jacob's reasoning sounded impeccable. Emily raised her hand and felt her swollen lips. She glanced at Jacob, angrily, but such anger was meaningless in Jacob's eyes. She asserted," If I promise to you, then you should also make a promise to me."

"What promise?"

"First, you won't take advantage of me, like you did just now..."

"What did I do just now?"

It felt like Jacob was teasing at her, and there was a hint of mischief in his tone.

"No kisses, without my consent!"

Jacob's arrogance drove Emily up the wall. She simply clarified her words assertively," And don't bite me aga

d don't come back here again."

Rita had intended to shut the door on his face right after she finished talking. She wanted to separate herself from that person.

"Rita!" However, David moved quickly to squeeze through the door before she could close it. He yelled at her angrily," You did it on purpose, right?"


"You plotted to sleep with me just to get pregnant with my child! What do you want?"

Rita slowly raised her head and looked at the man's face. She gently sneered," Oh David, Mr. David... We are already divorced. Why have you come to me now?"

David snorted," I am just afraid that you will use this child to threaten my family."

"Then I assure you that you don't have to worry about it."

Rita gave him a smile, which made her delicate face appear more beautiful. She said calmly," I am getting an abortion the day after tomorrow, and I have no intentions of being connected to your family."

David was baffled by her straightforwardness. Much to his disbelief, he said," Oh, that's easy to say. If you had no other motives, why would you follow me to Z country? Did you wish to threaten me?"

"David, Jingshi City is my hometown! What is the wrong if I return home for a visit? Can you not be so self-absorbed?"

"Self-absorbed?" David snorted," You are an orphan. How could you even have a home?"

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