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   Chapter 83 The Child Could Only Be Mine

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7143

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If Jack really wanted to force Emily to get rid of her child, there were many ways he could have accomplished it. Even if Rita was there, she wouldn't have been able to stop him.

Fortunately, that's not how things went down at the hospital.

However, Jack's eagerness of depriving a child from its mother was still unforgivable for Emily.

Rita couldn't hold back her anger, as she held Emily's sweaty hands and asked,"How do you even know such a scum!"

"Don't worry. I will be able to take care of myself in the future." Emily's held Rita's other hand, and comforted her as well as persuading herself. Emily declared,"I am not as stupid as I was before."

She would never forget what Jack had done to her. She vowed to slowly make him pay for his actions!

Rita sighed slightly,"What are you going to do now? About the child in your belly..."

"I do not know either." Emily's brows furrowed, as she got worried about the child. She had already known who the father was. Jacob was her only man and he must have been the father. The problem at the moment was what she was to do about the baby.

"You should think about it carefully, by yourself." What Rita said, made a lot of sense to Emily. However, after Rita spoke, she couldn't help thinking how Emily had said the same thing to her, so she laughed out loud bitterly.

Rita had already found a place to live in, so after they ate together, they parted ways.

In the evening, Emily lay on the big bed, unconsciously stroking her flat stomach. Her thoughts were scattered all over the place.

Was there really a baby in there?

Why did it feel so unreal?

She... Should she give birth to it?

Emily rolled around her bed, unable to sleep. After a long consideration, she took out her mobile phone and dialled Jacob's number.

She didn't know why, but sometimes, that man could give her a strong sense of security...

Moreover, since Jacob was the father of the child, she felt like he had the right to know, so that they could figure out how to deal with the situation together.

However, Jacob wasn't answering his phone. Emily soon realized that it wa

." Jacob asserted his wish firmly.

"But……" Emily was hesitant. She was not ready to be a mother...

Jacob turned her face towards his and gazed into her eyes as he assured,"I will be responsible for you and the child. This child needs to come to this world. You can't deprive it of its right to live. It will have a father and a mother. It will have everything a child could ever wish for. It will be the happiest child in the whole world."

Satisfied, Emily was pleasantly moved by his words. Every child had the right to be born into the world. Even if she was not with Jacob, she would still love the child unconditionally.

If Jacob wished to marry someone else, Emily would raise the child on her own. After all, it was her own flesh and blood, and abandoning it was absolutely out of the question...

"Well, I've decided to keep it." Emily finally came to a decision, as her eyes sparkled with joy.

Jacob couldn't hold back his excitement. He somehow suppressed his urge to pull her into his arms in case his sudden embrace would startle Emily. He said to her, softly,"May I touch it?"

"Touch?" He'd just be touching her belly!

Emily's was a little shy, but she finally agreed,"Well... Just once."

Overcome with joy, Jacob gently put his hand on her belly. It felt so soft that he couldn't fight his compulsion to tickle her.

Emily giggled and slapped his hand away. "What are you doing..."

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