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   Chapter 81 Pregnant

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Emily's face suddenly became serious. All the scenes in which her dignity was torn into pieces by him came back to her mind. Her hatred began to spread in her mind like wildfire.

Although, she pretended to be indifferent at the sight of Jack, she could not help feeling hurt once she thought of the misery he had subjected her to. She cursed herself for being so gullible.

Rita simply cast a glimpse at Jack and asked,"Your ex-boyfriend?"

Before Rita went abroad, Emily was still dating Jack. Never in a million years did she expect the handsome and lively boy to turn into such a repulsive and foul man.

Rita believed that whatever happened between them, Emily must have good reasons for breaking up with him. She would stand up Emily's side without reservation.

"Emily, what are you doing in a maternity hospital?" Jack walked over with a malicious and insidious vibe,"Are you pregnant?"

Emily stared at him with no fear as she answered in a cold voice,"It's none of your business!"

Jack immediately lost his temper and yelled,"Do you have any sense of shame? !"

Emily couldn't care less about Jack's feelings as she smiled ironically and said,"How dare you ask me that, being the shameless man that you are? Do you really think that everyone is as filthy as you?"

Rage took over Jack's disposition, as he was about to drag Emily out, but was soon met with resistance from Rita who stood in front of Emily.

"Back off! This is our business. Otherwise, do not blame me for being impolite!" Jack shouted impatiently.

Rita snickered,"So what? What are you going to do about it?"

Rita never thought that Jack was the right man for Emily and the truth had finally proven her point.

Jack's face went red with suppressed rage.

Emily pulled Rita back and said in a low voice,"It's okay. I can handle this."

Although it was very unlike Emily, since she insisted on handling the matter by herself, Rita followed her decision and stepped aside.

Besides, they were in a public area, Jack would not dare to raise his finger on Emily.

Emily pulled Rita back and then glared at Jack. You could feel the intensity in the air between them but neither of them uttered a word. Soon, Rose's voice broke the silence and the hostile a


An awkward silence had enveloped the room, creating a depressive atmosphere. Jack's fae was livid with rage, like he had found a piece of hair on his meal. The two women standing outside the door were also stupefied by the news.

Was Emily really pregnant?

As a matter of fact, Emily went completely nuts when she found out that she was pregnant just a few minutes ago. She had been trying to let her thoughts sink in, before Jack broke in without permission.

"Doctor, how can I be pregnant? Quite recently, I was treated in a hospital, where I had to stay for a long time. None of the examinations showed that I was pregnant!"

Moreover, even if she were pregnant, she should have lost the baby during the earthquake. After all, she had been stuck under the debris for a long time without any supply.

"Maybe your body is a little different and the fetus was still very small at that time.... In any case, what's important now is that you're pregnant. These are the silhouettes of your baby. Would you like to see it?"

Still in disbelief, Emily reached out to take the report, but Jack grabbed it from the doctor before she could.

"More than three months." Jack's face froze, he gave a frigid and distorted smile which made everyone in the room uncomfortable.

Three months ago? Wasn't that around the same time when Emily broke up with Jack for the first time? At the time, he found marks and blemishes on her skin...

Jack knew immediately that the baby's father was Jacob.

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