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   Chapter 76 You Can Play With This Brother

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"Falling into the same pit twice. I've never seen anyone as stupid as me. I'm not kidding. I voluntarily allowed others to make a fool out of me. Hahaha..."

Having gone way above her drinking limit, Emily was just spewing nonsense now. The phone in her bag rang again and again.

Frustrated, Rita sighed. She picked up the phone and answered," Hello."

The man on the other end of the call immediately realized that the woman who answered was not Emily, he asked," Where is Emily?"

Since Rita did not want to leave Emily there, and pass through the noisy dance floor, she raised the volume on the phone and shouted," Sir, I am Emily's friend..."

Before she could finish, the man interrupted her," Where are you now?"

Rita hesitated, as she didn't know who she was talking to," We..."

The man sensed the doubtfulness and hesitation in Rita's voice, so he assured her," I'm her boyfriend."

Rita couldn't help but sneer. 'Well, am I just supposed to take your word for it?'

"I'll take care of her. Rest easy."

Rita hung up the phone, without waiting for his response.

When Rita glanced at Emily's phone screen, she got the shock of a lifetime, as her eyes widened with intrigue.

'What did I just see? Jacob's name?!

Since when did Emily have a relationship with such a man?'

As Emily was too drunk to talk sensibly, Rita did not want to wake her up and ask her about it. Instead, she put the phone back into Emily's bag and ordered a cocktail, as she listened to her endless ranting.

Jacob, on the other hand, was drunk with rage, as he sat there starting at his phone wondering who had answered Emily's phone.

"Sam, go and find out where Emily is right now."

"Yes, sir."


Twenty minutes later, a luxurious Maybach discreetly pulled over in front of the bar.

When Jacob set foot in the bar, his eyes had caught sight of a woman, who was lying prone on the bar counter. She was absolutely plastered, but her red cheeks, looked lovely and attractive.

Jacob furrowed his brows and threw cold glances at the people who were looking at Emily from time to time. Eventually, they moved away or shifted their attention elsewhere.

Jacob gradually walked in her direction.

By then Rita had already seen Jacob. Flustered and nonp

wrong you were, right?" David sneered and suggested," Do not interfere."


"Do not worry." David pulled her away before she could utter another word.

Without further ado, Jacob took Emily back to his car.

On that fateful night, he met that drunk little kitty in his car, under very similar circumstances.

The car quickly drove back to Jacob's place, Tyrone Mansion. Once they reached the entrance, Emily, who had been behaving good the whole time, suddenly did not want to get off the car.

"I don't want to get off."

Jacob was very patient with Emily. He coaxed," Why don't you want to get off? You won't be able to get a comfortable sleep here. Come on Emily, let me take you to bed."

Emily resisted. She pouted her luscious lips and said," I don't want to get off and I don't want to sleep with you!"

Sam, who was in the driver's seat, tried very hard to hold back his laughter. 'She's acting like a lamb being taken to the slaughterhouse.'

Jacob was embarrassed. He forcefully carried her out of the car, as if she were a chicken, and kicked the car door close behind him, saying," Go away."

Sam wasted no time, as he scurried away in Jacob's car.

"Let me go!" Emily's struggle was in vain. She was carried into the house and thrown onto the sofa.

Jacob held her down and kissed her. Instead of biting with force, Jacob softly nibbled, licked, and kissed her lips, and then slipped his tongue inside her mouth.

'Well, she just kissed me. So now I'm kissing her back.'

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