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   Chapter 74 Congratulations, You Have Succeeded

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7445

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"I cut down his hand and fed it to the dogs."

Jacob said it slowly, emphasizing each word, with a strong and menacing tone.

The little nurse sat on the ground as her knees weakened. "No, Mr. Jacob, no..."

"The person who touched you was not me. It was the lady who brought you to the hospital. Her... her name is Emily. It wasn't me. I didn't lay a finger on you..."

In the end, the nurse was meek and inexperienced. She was too afraid to get involved in Jacob's matters, so she confessed to everything straight away.

Jacob's deep and dark eyes squinted, as he said coldly,"Get out."

The nurse scurried out of the room within seconds. She bolted as if she were being chased by a wild animal, forgetting to even close the door behind her.

Sam walked over and closed the door, turning to look at the eyes of Jacob who was staring at him like an eagle eyeing its prey. He yielded, as he rubbed his nose with embarrassment,"Mr..."

"Tell me the truth." Jacob's face was expressionless, but his tone was suddenly more assertive and serious.

Sam did not dare to lie to his boss again, as he quickly explained everything from start to finish, including the part where Emily did not know that the person who had saved her was Jacob.

After Sam's confession, Jacob did not respond with words, but the expression on his face said more than words could express.

So the truth was finally out! No wonder Emily was so cold to him. In the end, it was all a part of Jack's devious plot!

Did Jack take him for a dead person?

Sam was obediently awaiting his punishment. However, a few seconds later, to his surprise, he heard something else.

"Good job."


Did his boss just praise him?


Just like Jacob, Jack did not live in the mansion of their family. They lived in a famous and rich community in Jingshi City.

Emily called a taxi and went to the place where Jack lived now - Theodore Villa.

Upon arriving at the door of Jack's villa, Emily heard a woman's laughter behind her as she was just about to ring the doorbell.

Emily turned around only to be met with disappointment. Undoubtedly, it was Rose.

"What are you doing here? Are you here to keep on Jack?" Emily, as alway

d want to be with you again?"

When Emily heard the words from Jack's mouth, her blood started to boil in anger, as her body stiffened, hard as concrete.

Jack continued,"Did you really think that I would be with a woman who had been passed around by other men?" I was just disappointed to find out that you were cheating on me, so I deliberately begged you to take me back, so I can exact my revenge upon you."

"After you took me back, I dumped you again. That was quite fun, wasn't it? I am very happy to see you rot away in misery."

"Everything I told you was a lie, and only someone as gullible as you would believe me so easily. Ha ha ha, you're so ridiculous."

"So it is." Emily slowly put down her hand. With a swollen face, she said slowly,"Congratulations, you have succeeded."

Emily felt like a joke!

"I am disappointed at myself, because I was stupid enough to be deceived by you time and time again."

The harrowing experience had left her self-esteem completely decimated. Her heartache was like an insatiable fire burning her from within, leaving her empty and hollow. It was as if Jack had stabbed her in the heart and then twisted the knife to prolong her torment.

Emily had never experienced pain of this magnitude before.

It turned out that nothing was as she had imagined it to be.

Jack looked at how desperate Emily was, and he felt an unexpected pain in his heart. There was a small trace of regret hiding in the corner of his eyes.

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