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   Chapter 70 Or Get Out Now

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7530

Updated: 2019-01-24 09:18

A few seconds later, there was in an uproar. Many employees of the LA company expressed their anger and frustration.

"This is going too far!"

"Why is she being so unreasonable? Asking Miss Emily to kneel down is just asking for too much."

"Miss Emily, don't listen to her."


Tina cast a disdainful glance at them, as she raised her sharp chin and demanded, arrogantly,"Kneel down!"

With her eye-brows furrowed and hands clenched tightly, Emily stood there in silence.

Emily was caught between a rock and a hard place, as she found it difficult to choose between the reputation of the LA company and her own dignity.

"Emily, I am not the one who sells the fakes. If you don't kneel down and apologize, I will call the police."

Tina took out her mobile phone and waved it at Emily and said,"Did you hear me? I don't have the patience to wait for you any longer."

Tina was not putting on an act. No matter what Emily did, it was never good enough to satisfy her.

"Don't do this!"

Emily pleased hastily. She did not want to be the reason behind the LA company's downfall.

Tina looked at Emily snidely and counted,"One, two, three..."

But before she finished, Tina was interrupted by a deep and powerful voice.

"Will you dare to take the responsibility of Emily's knees?"

Puzzled, Tina turned around to see who it was. Much to her surprise, she saw the familiar face of a man whose handsome charms had bewitched her mind, body and soul. "Jacob!"

Tina's eyes sparkled with joy at the sight of him, but that shine soon died out when she realized that he had caught her red-handed in the act of doing something wrong.

"Jacob, what are you doing here?"

"That's what I was about to ask you." Jacob's eyes pierced through Tina with one cold look. Then he looked at Emily and said,"Don't do it."

Looking at the man who had appeared out of nowhere, like a savior to her rescue, Emily's nerves gradually calmed down. "Jacob. How..."

"Shut up!"


Tina observed the chemistry between them and grew envious of Emily,"Jacob, why do you want to protect this woman? She... She is not a good person!"

Jacob turned his eyes to her and said,"What did you say?"

Tina thought he would like to listen to

Tina's back slowly disappeared when she whispered,"Jacob… Shouldn't you go after her?"

Emily was still under the impression that Tina was Jacob's fiancee, thus, she wanted him to go after her.

Perhaps Jacob was never fond Tina, otherwise he would not have been so vicious.

"Why should I go after her?" Jacob raised his eyebrows out of curiosity.

"After all, she is..." Suddenly, sensing the strange looks she was getting around her, Emily stepped back and kept a safe distance from the man in front of her.

Jacob understood her intentions. He frowned and called her to him. "What are you doing?"


"Come here!"

Ignoring the prying eyes of the people around them, Jacob took Emily and went inside his office.

The rest of the staff stood there, looking at each other, cluelessly. They needed a moment to process what they had just witnessed. The fact that their boss, Jacob, was not afraid of the Tao clan, built up their confidence.

Moreover, they were still trying to process the complex relationship between Jacob and Emily. Thanks to Tina, they found out that Emily was the girlfriend of Jacob's nephew... Was Miss Emily the girlfriend of Mr. Jack Gu?

Tsk, tsk, tsk, the relationship between the rich and famous was complicated and confusing.

There were a few female employees, who were jealous of Emily, assuming that she must have entered the company through the backdoor. Moreover, even after such a big mix-up, she did not face any penalties at all.

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