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   Chapter 68 Getting Married

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Although what had happened in the banquet was very surprising, nobody dared to spread rumours, because Jacob had suppressed the big news outlets. Besides, Tina was not willing to believe that Jacob would fall in love with a woman like Emily.

Tina deeply hated her, because not only did Emily steal the limelight from her at the banquet, she also made her lose face in front of Jacob!

Lately, she had been planning to go to Jacob's house to apologize to him, as it would give her an excuse to spend some time with him. However, she could not make him see her even for just one time.

Tina was incensed, blaming all her misery on Emily alone. Her best friend Jasmyn, shared a bitter hatred towards Emily as well, so she offered advice to Tina.

"Emily is a jewelry designer, isn't she? Perhaps we can ask her to design jewelry for us. What do you think of that idea? As the old saying goes, 'Customer is God'. So if we ask her to design jewelry for us, we can purposely make her life miserable!"

In truth, the idea came out of Rose's devious mind. She told it to Jasmyn, and Jasmyn took it to Tina.

Tina considered it as an excellent idea and agreed with it at once. She asked someone to call LA Jewelry on her behalf, and chose Emily to design her jewelry.

After a few days, at the LA Company.

As soon as Emily got to the office, her secretary told her that the clients who had asked her to design a jewelry for them a few days ago were waiting for her now. Judging from their clothes and mannerisms, they seemed to be important people.

Emily took some time to prepare herself and then went into the VIP room. To her surprise, the important clients waiting in the room were the two ladies who had deliberately caused problems for her at the banquet last time.

"Are you the chief designer of LA?" Tina looked at her with scorn and said,"It looks like that you are not up to much."

Emily remained polite and kept smiling courteously, as she said,"Ladies, I have worked out the prototype of the customized jewelry you ordered the last time. Would you like to have a look?"

Jasmyn snorted contemptuously and said,"Of course, or else why would we come here? Do you think we are so bored that we've come here just to see your funny face?"

Emily did not let them get on her nerves. These silver-spoon fed ladies were brought up in an extraordinary environment, so they did not know how to use profane words like regular people did. Thick-skinne

e two ladies had been torturing her in the past couple of days. They were not easily satisfied. It was a daily routine for them to tease and humiliate her.

Emily tried her best to pursue perfection and rectify the design drawings over and over again. Finally, all her hard work had paid off. Her clients were finally satisfied, but it was also possible that they stopped because they got tired of torturing her.

The next step was to adjust and deal with details.

The perfect jewelry design was born. As usual, Tina came to check the design, but she "accidentally" overturned the cup filled with hot coffee.

Emily reached her hand out, instinctively, trying to protect the design drawings. The hot coffee burned the back of her hand, as Emily immediately screamed in pain.

Tina was shocked. She only intended to ruin those design drawings, but now things had gone too far.

'Well, she deserves it. I don't care about her anyway.'

Emily's face frowned like a dying flower, as she laid eyes on the soggy design drawings. She ran to the restroom to apply water on her wound. It took a while for the pain to subside.

After a while, she heard Tina's voice from outside,"Designer, remember, give me the same design drawings tomorrow. I will excuse what you have done today."

Her last sentence sounded like she was making it easy on Emily.

Frustrated, Emily washed her hand under the running water as her patience started to run thin.

Earlier on, as she was having technical problems with her computer, she was unable to back up those design drawings. As a result, she had to draw them from scratch using only her memory.

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