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   Chapter 67 Cheating On Each Other

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Emily felt so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole in the ground to bury herself.

She knew that it was not the right time or place to be arguing with Jacob, so she picked up that bra and went into fitting room again, embarrassed.

When checking out, Emily insisted paying the bill on her own but Jacob stopped her by using his height to his advantage, as he patted her head and then gave his Centurion Card to the cashier.

"I have money!" Emily still refused and picked up her purse to pay, but she was embarrassed to discover that she forgot to bring her card and the cash she had was not enough to pay for most of the clothes.

"I did not bring card with me..." Emily said, awkwardly.

The woman cashier discreetly rolled her eyes at Emily. 'Huh, such a reserved bitch.'

In the end, it was Jacob who ended up paying the bill.

Coming out of the shopping mall, Emily did not plan on taking Jacob's car, so she said," Thank you. I will transfer the money to you later."

Emily did not like being indebted to others, whether it was money or favors, she would always make it a point to be mindful and pay back as soon as she could.

Upon hearing Emily, Jacob's expression changed as if he was offended by her words, and he replied in a cold voice," Whatever!"

Jacob had thoroughly tasted how heartless the woman was! But he just could not help thinking of her!

"So, bye."

Emily turned round and walked away without looking back. Jacob felt so displeased that he kicked the side of his car with all his strength. His eyes matched the way he felt at that moment: dark and cold.


When Emily got back to her apartment, Jack was waiting for her at the gate, standing still like a statue.

Jack had been waiting outside her apartment for more than an hour.

In the banquet, he was preoccupied with Rose. When he finally got out and came back, the banquet was over and Emily was gone too.

Jack asked waiters if they had seen Emily, but they just looked at him funnily and gave him an answer, hardened with sarcasm, Emily went away with Jacob.

He would never forget the waiter's expr

m to see each other, so he said," I work in the same building with Jacob so I can help you give it back."

"... Are you sure?" Emily was a little hesitant.

"Don't you trust me?"

"Yes." Emily thought it would be better to let Jack bring it back, so that she wouldn't have to meet Jacob in person. That way Jacob would not get a chance to flirt with her or take advantage of her.

As for the one night stand, Emily believed that Jacob would not threaten her with that as he was a man of honor and integrity.

Emily did not know where this sense of trust came from, but she just trusted Jacob with that.

Without further ado, Emily nodded and agreed with Jack," Fine."

"Do not keep other people's things in the future."

"Got it."

However, after arriving at the Gu Consortium, Jack opened the box as soon as he got inside the gate. He dropped the brooch to the ground, mercilessly stomped on it and then threw it into the trash bin.

Meanwhile, Jacob received the money transfer from Emily for the clothes which made him angry for the rest of day.

When Jacob saw the broken brooch in the bin, he bent down to pick it up and then checked the surveillance video. The truth drove him mad with anger. Later that day, he announced that all the staff had to work overtime.

The employees of the Gu Consortium could do nothing to oppose, but silently resent their Boss for being so hard on them.

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