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   Chapter 65 You Still Have No Class

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8087

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It was too late for Emily to avoid the sudden attack, as Tina poured a glass of red wine all over her chest.

The red liquid quickly sprawled down her thin dress, contaminating it with a light, red tint. Emily felt uncomfortable as her chest was completely soaked in red wine.

"That's it. Now we're dressed in different colors." Tina was very pleased with herself. She smiled gleefully and did very little to disguise her complacency.

Furious, Emily clenched her hands and raised her head. With a deadpan expression on her face, she glared at the princess-like girl who stood condescendingly before her.

Tina, who didn't want to show weakness in the face of Emily, glared back at her and asked,"What do you want? Don't give me attitude. I don't like the look in your eyes..."

Tina jested as she picked up another glass of wine to pour it on Emily's head without hesitation!

Emily turned her face away, trying to avoid Tina the second time, when suddenly a tall figure appeared before Emily. With his back facing Emily like a mountain, he managed to protect her from being drenched in wine again.

"Who dares—" Tina cursed at the man, annoyed by his interference. Soon after she raised her head to see who it was, she whispered,"Gosh! Jac...Jacob?"

'Jacob? Is she talking about "Jacob Gu"?'

Emily's heart skipped a beat at the thought of Jacob. But before she could say anything, the man took off his dinner jacket and tossed it over to Emily without looking back at her.

However, his action did not attract Tina's attention because she was too surprised to see Jacob there,"Jacob, when did you get here? I didn't mean to pour the wine on you. Why did you suddenly burst in?"

Tina said, pretending to be guilty.

'Why did Jacob protect that girl when I tried to pour the wine on her? Was Jacob attracted to her?'

The thought made Tina glare at Emily with hatred again.

Emily, however, was unaware of Tina's glare. She simply put on Jacob's dinner jacket to cover the wet part on her chest.

'How dare she...

How dare she put on the jacket of the man I admire!

She didn't deserve it!'

"Jacob, why..." Tina was so angry that she almost rushed towards Emily to take away Jacob's jacket from her.

However, she couldn't do that, because of Jacob. Jacob stood firmly before Emily like a guardian.

"Tina, after all these years, you still have no class."

Jacob's words were ha

o his car and threw her inside directly.

He started the engine without wasting another second there. Dazed, it took Emily a few minutes before she realized what was happening. So she screamed,"Stop the car, Jacob! Where are we going?"

Jacob's gaze was locked on to the road, as he casually ignored Emily's concern.

Emily was horrified. She did not want to spend another minute with Jacob after the scene he caused at the banquet. 'Who knows what other crazy shit he is going to pull!'

With that thought in her head, Emily made up her mind. The next second, she opened the door and jumped out of the car!

It was too late for Jacob to try and stop Emily. Before long he saw a lean figure vanish from the rearview mirror. His heart skipped a beat, as he pushed the brakes as hard as he could.


Damn! He should have locked the door!

Due to force of inertia, Emily cuddled up and rolled between the wheels. When Jacob stepped out of the car and realized that a car behind his almost hit Emily, he was driven mad beyond reason.

He rushed as fast as he could towards Emily, while the shrieking horns beeped around him.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Jacob cried out. The man's roar somewhat sobered Emily as she was gradually coming to her senses. The next moment she was carried and thrown into the car again by Jacob. Sitting in the passenger's seat, Emily was starting to get a little dizzy.

Jacob was furious at Emily. "I saved your life, not so you could trample yourself under a car so easily!"

'Damn it. Did she ever think what would happen if she got hit by a car?'

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