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   Chapter 57 The Ability To Burn The Bridge After Crossing It

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Sam felt stressed, but he had to repeat it again. "Miss Emily returned to Jingshi City with Mr. Jack a few days ago."

The atmosphere in the ward was very quiet and depressing.

Fortunately for Sam, the storm he was expecting did not come. Instead, his boss laughed out loud, all of a sudden, even though there was no trace of happiness in his eyes. It was terrifying!

"Very good, Emily."

The first person he wanted to see after he woke up was her, but she was fooling around with her old lover. That was quite bold of her.

Although the temperature in the room was suitable, Jacob's facial expression sent chills down Sam's spine. He silently prayed for Emily.


Emily had been back in Jingshi City for a few days now. She was glad that she hadn't seen Jacob, but she also had a strange feeling at the back of her mind she couldn't shake off.

Old habits die hard.

Just as she was thinking of him, she received the first call of Jacob in days.

Emily didn't stop to think about it too much and answered her phone. Before the word "Hello" was even uttered, the person on the other side of the call dropped a bomb.

"Emily, did you think I was dead?"


Why did him curse himself like that?

What happened to his tone?

It was like a husband catching his wife red-handed, cheating behind his back...

Emily was so confused that she didn't know how to respond. Jacob demanded," You'd better give me a reasonable explanation."

"…… What explanation?"

"Are you stupid?"

Suddenly, it occurred to Emily that may be he was talking about her reunion with Jack. Wasn't Jacob abroad at the time?

How could he know about that?


"I am sorry, Mr. Jacob. If you are referring to my personal life, then I can't tell you anything. But if it is about work..."

"You can't tell me anything?" Jacob smiled with a look of disgust. "Your ability to burn the bridge after crossing it is quite remarkable. Have you forgotten about the promise you've made to me?"

Nonplussed, Emily asked," What did I promise you? Jacob, actually...

I got back with Jack.So in the future, I think it would be better if we maintained a strictly professional relationship, just to avoid problems. Thank you very much for ta

u every day."

"That may be what you want, but your company does not specialize in the business of jewelry. I don't know what I'd do if I worked there. Also, isn't LA a part of your family business?"

"No, that is Jacob's personal investment."

Jack knew that the LA Company was just a toy that Jacob had deliberately made for Emily. She only took it seriously, because she did not know about that.

That way, Emily was under the watchful eyes of Jacob every day.

Thinking of that, Jack added," Also, Jacob is not easy to get along with. He is a cruel and cold-blooded workaholic, who never treats his employees as human beings. I worry about you because you're working for him."

His tone was very subtle. Emily's heart leapt with suspicion wondering if Jack knew something. She was so nervous that she completely ignored the fact that Jack called Jacob's name directly.

When she was scrambling in her head, trying to come up with an answer, a deep and slightly hoarse voice from somewhere else came and interrupted her thoughts.

"I am not easy to get along with? I am a cruel and cold-blooded workaholic, who never treats his employees as human beings?"

Emily's body stiffened. The first thing came to her mind was that the man heard it when they were talking behind his back...

"Speak of the devil and he doth appear" - the saying was very apt for the moment.

Unlike Emily, Jack nonchalantly turned his face to Jacob and laughed. "Do you think that I am wrong, uncle?"

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