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   Chapter 55 I Promise You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7201

Updated: 2019-01-17 01:02

"We can't be together anymore."

Jack's face turned dark and his pupils started to dilate as he felt it was hard to breathe all of a sudden. It felt like his lungs were slowly filling up with water.

Horrified, Emily's face changed," Jack!Are you okay?Or are you playing games with me again?"

The doctor's facial expression also tensed up, as he said," Take him into the emergency room quickly!"

"No, I don't want to go!" Jack clutched onto Emily's hand and refused to let go, he said," If you don't promise me..."

"Okay, okay. I promise you!"It was an emergency situation, so Emily blurted out what she had to in order to get Jack to comply," Let go of my hand now. Doctor, take him in!"

"Do you really promise?"

"Yes, I do..."In an instant, Jack stood up, giddy and excited. Obviously, his condition wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be. Shocked, Emily replied," You, you... you liar!"

"I had to."

"Don't talk to me!"Emily turned her head to look at the doctors and nurses. Most of them were all smiling, while some people had a slight sense of guilt on their faces. Emily said," You were all in this together..."

"Miss, Mr. Gu wants to make up with you. That's why he came to us for help. We all wish you both happiness!"

The doctor smiled and explained. He could not do anything else because Jack was being uncooperative and insistent. He was even given a bank card, prior to all of this, to play up to Jack.

If the doctor didn't do as was requested, Jack said that he would bankrupt the hospital.

Having spent years in his profession, the doctor was able to identify all kinds of people. It was obvious that Jack had a strong backing, and the doctor agreed to help out when he realized that Jack's request seemed to cause no harm to anyone.

Now that this young man had achieved his goal and was reconciled with his girlfriend, wasn't it for the best?

"You... This is going too far!" Emily's beautiful face turned sour when she found out that Jack was cheating her again!

She shook his hands off with force, turned around and ran away, while Jack followed her in a hurry.

"Emily, Emily!"

Outside t

ened the bandage. She rushed him to the hospital for treatment in haste.

Jack was unconcerned about his injury, but he followed her orders obediently. Happiness flowed through him, warming his skin like the rays of an early summer sun, even though Emily rolled her eyes at him.

Emily had taken him back and they were back together now. Jacob was no longer his concern. Jacob could jump off a cliff for all Jack cared!

In the evening, they decided to stay in Yunshi City.

As a matter of fact, they stayed around the edges of Yunshi City. In the city center, the aftermath of the earthquake left half of the city devastated as the increasing traffic made things even more inconvenient. Thus, when the rescue operation started, the members of Gu clan sent help there.

Only Jacob had to be taken away because of his serious injuries.

Jack strongly believed that his grandpa's decision of taking Jacob away was absolutely correct. It was just what he wanted.

Jack laughed in his heart. After Emily fell sleep, Jack went back to his hotel room and dialled a number on the telephone, with a heavy face.

It took a long time for the call to get through. "Hello, Jack."

When he heard the person's voice, Jack got angry," Rose, where are you now?"

Rose tried hard to hide her guilt as she replied casually," I'm in Jingshi City. Jack, what's up?"

"I know it was you." Every word he said seemed to hit Rose's heart.

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