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   Chapter 36 What's The Difference

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Since Emily couldn't see anything, she was cautious and reluctant to follow his words. "What do you want to do..."

Before she was done talking, she felt her head being pushed down by a big hand. When she tried to struggle, her eyes suddenly felt a sense of coolness.

The man was pouring water on her face to get rid of the chemicals from her eyes.

"Try to open your eyes a little bit, " He suggested.

Emily didn't sense anything alarming about him, so she obediently followed his suggestion. He then poured a small amount of water in the palm of his hands and carefully cleaned her eyes. He was very gentle and caring with his movements.

All of a sudden, a strange realization dawned upon her. Emily asked tentatively, "Jacob, is that you?"

Although he had kept his voice down on purpose, Emily's instincts were telling her that she was right.

The man didn't seem to pay heed to what she said, instead he looked at the red circles around her eyes carefully. His fingertips touched her wet eyelashes softly, causing a single drop of water to fall from her eyelashes.

"Such a silly woman."

'I can't believe she pepper sprayed herself. I have never seen such a clumsy woman before.'

The man placed a soft handkerchief in Emily's hand. She fumbled while using it to wipe her eyes. It took a while before she could completely open her eyes, but it still burned, slightly.

"Sir?" She looked around her, but the man who helped her just now had long gone.

Alas! Was she wrong about the guy?

Emily returned home, with thousands of questions on her mind.

The next morning, Emily met Jacob in the company.

Every time Jacob visited LA company, he always kept a low profile by using the VIP channel. Therefore, no employee in the whole company, apart from the senior executives, could ever meet him.

This time, however, Jacob came out of Victor's office. They two walked side by side in the corridor, with a deadpan expression on their pretty faces.

Emily tried to avoid being seen by her two bosses, but, unfortunately, she had failed. In order to make it look like she wasn't deliberately avoiding them, she decided to bite the bullet and walk forward.

"Mr. Gu, Mr. Gao."

Jacob did not even look at her, as if she had been just a transparent mass of air.

However, Victor nodded at her and said, "You have done a good

belongs to me.'

In the following days, Emily received many flowers in the company. She didn't even have to look to see who had sent them, because she already knew who they were from. Eventually, every bouquet of flowers were thrown into the trash can.

Meanwhile, when Emily received her wages, she found out that it was doubled. She was scared a little at first, but seeing the more or less salary raise of her other colleagues, put her worries to rest.

Although, she still owed the company and Jacob a lot of money, with her current salary, it wouldn't take her long to pay off her debts.

After she returned part of the money to the company, Emily went to the mall at lunch break with the money she had saved for herself.

Emily remembered her promise to Jacob, after all, she owed him a suit jacket. Regardless of how things were between them, she intended to keep her promise, even though it was up to Jacob whether he would accept it or not.

After careful selection, Emily bought a suit jacket and wrapped it nicely. Then, she mailed the package to Gu's Consortium.

The receptionist who received the package took a quick look at it, and assumed it was just another gift from her boss' fans. It wouldn't be the first time something like that had happened, so she nonchalantly left it aside.

After all, not everything could be sent to the Big Boss.

The cleaner threw the packages that were unclaimed into the dustbin. Coincidentally, when he was throwing them out as a rubbish, Sam was passing by and saw the package inside.

"Wait a minute."

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