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   Chapter 35 Pepper Spray

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Jack looked back at Emily, who was just looking at him, puzzled. Obviously she heard what Sam had said.

Jack feigned apathy, but his heart was screaming out in anguish, hoping Emily would say something to make him stay...

As long as Emily sincerely begged him to stay, he would stay. Even it would displease Jacob.

Emily stared at Jack, and slowly opened her mouth to say something as if she had heard the calling of Jack's heart.

"Go away."

Jack was dumbfounded; his heart was broken. "Emily..."

"Mr. Jack, time is running out."

Sam reminded him from the side.

"I know. You don't have to keep saying it!"

Frustrated at Emily's reluctance to hear him out, Jack was so irritated that he stormed out of the ward and yelled, "Go!"

Sam nodded, closed the door for Emily, and followed Jack.

Meanwhile, Jacob was sitting at the table, in the VIP room of the hospital. With his hands crossed, he observed Emily in the monitor. His eyes were as dark as midnight sky.

After a while, he opened his laptop and began to work on tomorrow's official duties. Occasionally he would look at the monitor to check up on Emily.

Several hours later, Jacob's cell phone rang. It was Sam.

"Mr. Jacob, Mr. Jack was caught in a car accident on his way to the airport."

"Who was the driver?"

Sam paused and stuttered. "It's Mr. Jack."

Jacob sneered, "Intentionally?"

Sam did not respond directly. He only said, "I have checked the car, but I couldn't find any problems with it. Mr. Jack's explanation was that he got distracted while driving."

"Where is he now?"

"The nearest hospital to the airport. He suffered an injury to his arm, but nothing serious."

"Let him stay where he is."

Jacob hung up the phone. The disappointment in his face was clearly visible.

So, Jack was playing tricks with him.

Now that Jack was injured, Jacob would not be able to send him to the branch in M Country at the moment. Even if Jacob insisted on it, the master of the house, his grandfather would not agree.

Early next morning, Jacob still arrived at the company on time even though he did not sleep all night.

Sam was also on time. When he entered the office, he reported to Jacob right away. "Mr. Jacob, Mr. Jack has asked

ly secretly took out the pepper spray from the bag and held it tightly in her hand. She listened to the footsteps behind her, and counted in her heart.


"Zzzzzz--" Emily turned around almost instantaneously and used the pepper spray. Amidst the white mist, she faintly saw a tall man who had somehow evaded her spray attack.

Following her in such a furtive manner, he must not be a good person!

Emily didn't let her guard down. When she used the pepper spray again, a gust of wind came in and blew the toxic chemicals from the spray into her eyes.

"Ouch……" Suddenly, she was overwhelmed by excruciating pain that was burning her eyes out. Soon, the tears from her eyes flowed down her face like a waterfall.

'It's all over.' This time she really shot herself in the foot. She used it for the first time and ended up using it on herself!

Panic-stricken, Emily tried to make a run for it, when suddenly someone caught her hand. She cried out helplessly, "Don't touch me! Go away!"

The man forcibly drew her away and forced her to sit on a step. Emily then heard his gentle voice again, "Don't move. Don't wander around."

The voice was very low, but it was also kind of familiar. This put Emily's mind to ease. She asked, "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

No one responded to her words. Soon, she realized that the man had disappeared. However, half a minute later, he was back with a bottle of mineral water in his hand, "Lower your head a little."

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