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   Chapter 33 So Naive But So Cute

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7813

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Jacob licked his lips. "The outcome is something I can't guarantee. You'd better be mentally prepared for the fact that you probably won't find that person."

Victor slowly lowered his eyes; his long eyelashes hid all the emotions in his eyes. "'I would rather kill, than be wrong', I think this sentence can explain my attitude towards this predicament. Please, do whatever that needs to be done."

In the next few days, Emily never saw Jacob again. Deep in her heart, she was relieved, but soon her imagination took control of her actions. She could hardly concentrate at work.

Linda found her in a bad state and thought that she was not feeling well, so she asked her to go back home for some rest.

Emily, however, insisted on working, trying harder to concentrate and even actively working overtime.

As expected, her work efficiency increased rapidly, but by the time she had finished all the work, it was almost 9 pm.

LA Jewelry Company had a 24-hour security guard on duty, unlike the Hogan Company. The people who worked here were very friendly and no one was as troublesome as Rose.

The company was just newly established, so overtime work was a common occurrence. Emily was already used to it, and she did not feel afraid anymore. She locked the doors and left the company, ready to go home.

Emily walked to the intersection, hailed a taxi and got in. She leaned against the seat and closed her eyes, after telling the driver where to take her.

A few minutes later, Emily opened her eyes unintentionally. When she looked out the window, her heart suddenly tightened, but she still managed to keep a calm appearance.

"Sir, are you taking the wrong way?"

"Is this the wrong way?

I don't think so. "

The driver seemed to have some doubts. He suddenly turned his head and looked at Emily. His eyes were as bright as a wolf's. "This is exactly the right way to my home!"

In an instant, Emily knew what his eyes were trying to say. Her heart started to pound like a 10 ton hammer. She tried forcing the door open and yelled, "Open the door, open the door for me! Otherwise, I will call the police!"

Unexpectedly, the driver stopped the car and smirked at Emily. "So anxious..."

Emily didn't waste her time thinking too much. The moment she opened the door, she ran out immediately!

Just after

towards her. However, before he could even get a little closer, he was knocked down to the ground by a powerful force from behind!

The man screamed. "Who the fuck dared to...


Jack kicked him on his face again, his eyes burning with rage, like two bright suns. "You are looking for your own death!"

The other men finally reacted. They were employed by Rose, so they didn't know who Jack was. Seeing one of their own, beaten to the ground by Jack, they quickly rushed in to help their friend.

Jack was the young master of the family. Ever since elementary school, he was taught how to fight and defend himself. The odds were not impractical, but one against seven was no walk in the park. Jack, however, could still beat those people up by himself.

With his heart burned with anger, like a sudden outburst, he was even quicker, more accurate and more ruthless than usual to beat off them.

The thugs soon realized that the situation was going downhill. They ran away in haste, as soon as Rose had gestured them to leave, with her eyes.

Jack wiped the blood off his mouth. When he turned around, he saw Emily sitting still in the same place, curled up tightly. With her hair pulled-out and her clothes tattered, she looked pitiful and pathetic.


Jack's chest was sore. He couldn't stop himself from rushing towards her. "How are you?"

"Go away! Don't touch me!"

Emily wasn't aware that she had been rescued by Jack. When Jack got close, she thought it was one of the thugs so she kicked and hit him, frantically.

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