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   Chapter 32 Daydreaming

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"Okay, deal." Jacob did not care about when he would get his coat; he only cared about her attitude towards him.

Emily breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was satisfied at last. She asked, "If there is nothing else to discuss..."

"Yes." Jacob interrupted her and raised her chin with his finger, then he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

Right then, the door of the office was pushed open by someone from the outside. The person was just on the time to catch the scene, but he was quiet as he stood there emotionlessly.

"What are you doing?" Emily pushed Jacob away, then saw Victor standing at the door. Her face suddenly dropped to the floor. "Mr. Victor, I..."

"You may continue, " said Victor, with a cold and teasing tone. Then he turned around and walked out. He was even considerate enough to close the door behind him.

"Can't wait to explain?" Jacob said in an unhappy voice.

"This is going too far!" Emily was fuming.

Why did Jacob always kiss her so casually? Did he take her for a loose woman? This time somebody else had witnessed it!

"Too far?" Jacob was annoyed at the fact that she cared so much about what Victor thought.

"Jacob Gu, would it be possible for you to treat me with a little respect?" Emily rarely called him by his full name. Feeling helpless, she fixated on his expressionless face and said in firm tone, "Thank you very much for helping me. I will certainly repay you, but not in this way. You must know that I have always treated you as an elder and a friend!

So, please don't take this the wrong way."

Emily had been dying to say these words for a long time. Today, she felt lighter, having set her innermost thoughts free. Maybe she should have made it clear to Jacob a long time ago.

"But I don't want to be your elder and friend!" Jacob suddenly changed his expression and frowned. He said, "Emily, I am not the kind of man you can discard when you want to!"

"Jacob, nowadays, one night stands are a very common thing. Or maybe you were a virgin? And you want me to be responsible for taking your virginity? Come on! There are so many ladies who would kill to be with you, why me?


b's office. When he entered the room, he was welcomed with an expensive pen flying towards his face.

Victor caught it with his hand and threw it back.

"Are you angry?"

Jacob was too furious to speak, instead he gave Victor a cold look.

"All right, it is all my fault, " Victor compromised. It was rude of him to disturb them, so he understood why Jacob was so angry. "Let's get down to business."

Jacob looked at him and said, "Out with it. Don't be bashful."

"Help me find someone."

"After checking all people in this company, " said Jacob, "haven't you got any clues yet?" He frowned and became serious. Obviously, he knew who Victor was looking for.

"No, I haven't, " There was a perplexed expression on his face. Victor closed his eyes and opened them moments later. "Jacob, please help me!"

It was the first time that he had asked Jacob for help since they knew each other.

"I will help you." Jacob agreed but requested, "Just keep away from Emily, understand?"

"Of course, I'm not interested in her. Not in that way." Victor promised without hesitation.

Jacob groaned, "But Emily has always regarded you as her idol."

"Has she?" Victor was aware of it, but at present, it was not worth his attention. He added, "So what? You can always tell your little girl not to worship others blindly."

'Victor is certainly a cold-hearted man, who somehow makes me feel quite relieved and satisfied, ' thought Jacob.

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