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   Chapter 31 Kiss Me

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"It is true, so what?" Jacob glanced at him, dismissed him for being too naive and said, "I am the majority shareholder."

Jack found it difficult to understand why Jacob would want to invest in Victor's company. If Jacob was interested in jewelry, it would have been much easier for him to run a jewelry company on his own.

"Uncle, do you know that Victor..."

Jack couldn't even finish his sentence without feeling nauseous. It was really hard for him to admit that his own woman and Victor were having an affair.

"What about Victor?"

Jacob looked at him blankly. "He is like a brother to me. You should also address him as uncle according to his seniority."


Jack was about to spit blood when he heard Jacob.

Jack was only willing to call Jacob "uncle", after all, Jacob was his senior in the family. But who was Victor to him?

Why should he call him Uncle Victor?

Not to mention that Victor was Emily's paramour!

How could he ever accept that!

"Jack, do you really think I don't know what you've been up to lately?"

The cold and dreadful voice of Jacob brought Jack back to his senses. Jack wanted to defend himself, but in the end he decided to tighten his lips and shut his mouth.

'Turns out he knew everything about Victor and Emily, and still he chose to invest in LA jewelry, regardless. ' Jack was furious.

"You have not paid any attention to our family business lately, instead you've been wasting your time on a woman."

Even from his chair, Jacob had a stronger commanding presence compared to Jack who was standing there, motionlessly. "You have been given a good position, but if you don't excel at your work, there are lots of people who would want to replace you in a heartbeat."

Jack's facial expression changed drastically. He knew what Jacob said was not only a warning, but also a fact. After all, it was a large family business with multiple branches and many people from his family who would gladly take Jack's place in the company.

Family love had always been the weakness in a wealthy family, while strength was the only thing mattered.

"Uncle, I..." Jack tried to defend himself, but he was abruptly interrupted by Jacob.

"I will transfer you to the M Country branch. In the next term, I want you to focus your mind on your work, rather than women, understand?!"

This decision was so sudden and final that it frightened Jack.

Jack assume

? Are you two friends?"


Emily just said "Oh" and nodded embarrassingly. "I've misunderstood you...I am sorry..."

"But if you didn't mention him, I wouldn't have remembered this."

Jacob suddenly changed his tone. "When you said thanks to Victor, you gave him a coat. What about me?"

Emily was taken aback. She explained instantly, "That was because Mr. Victor's coat was ruined when he was trying to protect me..."

"I don't want to hear your excuses. I've helped you so many times. Why haven't you noticed that? Emily, you should know better than to favour one benefactor more than another."

Emily was unable to refute his words. Instead, she felt that Jacob had a very strong point...

Victor, however, was not the same as Jacob. At the very least, he has never taken advantage of her as boldly as Jacob has...

"What do you want?" Emily was starting to feel helpless.

Jacob's eyes were filled with mischief. "Kiss me."

Emily licked her lips and said, unequivocally, "No."

The two of them couldn't keep on going like that.

Jacob knew her temper. Although, he was somewhat dissatisfied, he did not intend to force her to change her mind. "Then, I want you to give me a coat as well."

Why would Victor have one and not him? That's utterly preposterous.

"All right, but you may have to wait until next month when I get my salary."

Emily did the calculations in her mind. According to Jacob's taste, buying a coat and meal for him was not going to be a small expense.

But she had to pay him back. Jacob had helped her get her life back. Emily appreciated him for that.

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