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   Chapter 30 Be Good And Eat Regularly

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Obviously, Jacob wouldn't take "no" for an answer; Emily had to bring it back to her apartment. When she opened the pack, the millet porridge was still steaming hot, and the smell of rice filled the entire room.

Emily took a few mouthfuls. Its mild flavour was just right for her appetite at that moment; it slowly helped her whole body warm up from within.


With the spoon still in her mouth, she called out his name. "What kind of a person are you?"

In the beginning, she always tried her best to stay away from Jacob. But now, their relationship became more and more complicated. 'What should I do? What is the right thing to do?' Emily sighed in frustration.

The next morning, Emily started her usual day by going straight to work.

After a gruelling period of work, the recruitment process of LA Jewelry had come to an end. Everyone was assigned their own duties, and the company had officially begun its operations.

However, the rich and powerful shareholder Victor had mentioned before never showed up. Emily was curious about who the mysterious sponsor really was.

It seemed like Victor did not care whether he would get the company's consular rights or not. During this period, he rarely showed up in the office. Basically, no matter what it was, everything was handled by Emily and Linda. In some cases, a few of the employees mistook them for the bosses.

If Victor did not want to make a profit from his company, then why did he establish the company in the first place? Maybe it's just another of his hobbies?

Linda's voice interrupted Emily's thoughts as she asked," Miss Bai, are the employees' health check-up files done yet?"

Emily quickly turned her head and smiled in response," I have sorted it all out. It is in my office. Should I send it to you later or would you like to go with me now to get it?"

Emily now had her own office. She was the general manager of the design department and the chief designer. She had her own team of designers, even though the team was still in the probationary period.

Therefore, policies were always beneficial to the senior staff. It was very easy to get promoted and earn more money. Victor was certainly a generous boss.

Linda thought for a moment, then replied," I will go with you."

So the two walked to Emily's office together.

"Mr. Gao really cares about the well-being of his employees," said Emily, as she casually handed over several folders containing all of the medical examination forms to Linda. Emily always addressed Victor differently at work.

Linda made an strange facial expression when she heard that; without saying anything else she just simply answered," Yes."

Emily, however, did not pay much attention to that. She sent Linda out, and continued to deal with the daily affairs of the company.

At noon, Emily habitually reached for her mobile phone to order a take-out for lunch. Before she even dialled the number, the phone on her desk started ringing.

Without second thought, she answered the phone and heard the sweet voice of the front desk receptionist," Manager Emily, there is a man in the hall who wants to see you."

A man?


In Emily's mind, the only man she could think of was Jacob. 'Is that really him?'

Emily didn't waste any time; she rushed out her office and took the elevator downstairs to the lobby on the first floor.

There was a tall man standing there, holding a bunch of red roses in one hand and a homely thermal box in the other.

Emily felt a bit of nervous at first, but when she saw who it was, her nerves calmed down at once, but at the same time, a strange sense of loss flashed through her mind.

"Sam, is that really you?"

Sam looked at her walking closer; he politely stepped forward and handed Emily the things he was carrying. Right when he was about to speak, the receptionist next to him blurted out, jokingly," M

anager, is this your boyfriend?"


Emily and Sam denied it in unison.

The receptionist, with an expression of "there must be something going on between the two", circled the both of them with a sly look on her face, she said," I understand."

Shortly afterwards, she walked away to the other side, as if to give Emily and Sam some time to be alone with each other.

Emily was very embarrassed. 'You understand?

What on earth do you understand, Miss!' Yet she could only cried out in her mind.

Sam was more embarrassed than Emily. If his Boss found out that he was mistaken for Emily's boyfriend, he would have to kiss his bonus or even his salary good-bye this month.

"Miss Emily, here is the lunch and the flowers Mr. Jacob asked me to bring you."

"Thank you very much, but no bother. Please bring them back with you."

Emily waved her hand and refused him politely.

Emily's response put Sam in between a rock and a hard place, so he pleaded," Miss Bai, please don't make my life difficult. You can do as you please, after you take them from me."

Sam's mission was to deliver the goods to Emily anyway.

Emily thought for a second, and took the things from his hands. "Thank you, Sam. This must be difficult for you."

"Not really. Oh, right, Mr. Jacob asked me to tell you, to be good; he wants you to eat on time and pay attention to your own health."

When Sam said the words "Be good", although he tried to remain calm and serious, there was an awkward expression on his face. He coughed twice to clear his throat right after he finished speaking.

"…… Okay, I know. Please thank him for me."

As soon as he left, Emily took the gifts back to her office. Although Sam had suggested that she could do whatever she wanted with them, she could not bring herself to throw away Jacob's gifts, after all, Jacob did it out of kindness.

The moment she opened the thermal box, the appetizing smell of the freshly cooked food filled the entire office, whetting everyone's appetite.

This time it was lily millet porridge, with a few refreshing side dishes, and a yam soup to help nourish the stomach and spleen. The amount was just right for Emily, and it was obvious that Jacob had put a lot of thought into it.

Emily sighed and picked up her mobile phone to send a text message to Jacob. "Thank you, Mr. Jacob. Please don't bother yourself with this again."

The other party replied quickly," I have made it very clear. Don't say anything that makes me unhappy."

Emily was thinking about how to reply, when another text message interrupted her thoughts.

"Enjoy your meal, and stop complaining or texting me back."

This man was really over-bearing!

Even so, Emily put the phone aside and continued with her lunch.


Sam drove back to the company and reported to Jacob, in detail. He thought that he would have to work extremely hard to help his Boss pursue this girl.

Jacob twirled the signature pen in his hand and said," Continue."

Sam paused and then added another sentence," When Miss Emily saw me, she seemed a bit disappointed."

Jacob raised his left eye-brow in an instant; his lip twitched slightly.

Did it mean that he was the one that Emily actually wanted to see?

"I will give you extra bonus this month. You will continue to bring her lunch from tomorrow."

Sam had mixed feelings about his new duties. However, the thought of the generous bonus, drove away his feelings of embarrassment like it was nothing. "Yes, Mr. Jacob."

"Very well. You may leave now."

Sam nodded and walked out of the office, but returned shortly after. "Sir, Mr. Jack wants to see you."

Jacob's eyes narrowed at the mention of Jack's name. "Send him in," said Jacob.

As soon as Jack walked into the president's office, he asked Jacob, impatiently," Uncle, I want to know if it's true that LA Jewelry has something to do with you?"

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