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   Chapter 29 Why Don't You Listen

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"No..." Emily waved her hand and lied to him, "It's my fault."

"Easy! No one will take your food away."

When Jacob patted her back and told her to slow down, Emily somehow had an inexplicable feeling that it felt like a father talked to his child at the table. It should have been a sweet picture, but Emily shivered all over when she stole a glance at Jacob. What a terrifying feeling!

"Mr. Gu, why aren't you eating?"

"I'm full."

"Already?" Emily looked at Jacob with awe and asked him, " Are you really full?"

This man ate less than she did. Did he have a small stomach? 'Not likely, ' thought Emily. Judging from his figure, he must have a good appetite.

Jacob let out a smile and thought, 'She's finally showing some concern...maybe she cares about me after all?'

Thus, he responded seriously, "I ate earlier."

Emily's face contorted in confusion as she asked him, "If you have already eaten, why did you order so much food?"

Jacob, "..."

"Shame on you to waste food!" Emily felt devastated as if countless dollars had flown away from her purse.

Jacob stared at her with a look of indifference.

Jacob was the kind of man no one dared to offend.

Emily had no choice but to eat the leftovers one bite at a time.

Jacob frowned and suggested, "Please, don't eat that fast."

Emily pretended like she didn't hear anything and continued to stuff her mouth face with food until her cheeks bulged like a lovely chipmunk.

Although Jacob found her adorable, he could no longer bear to watch her eat like that, "Alright, stop it or you'll choke yourself."

"Well... I won't.." Emily mumbled. Suddenly, the expression on her face changed and she stopped moving.

She was actually choking on her food! 'Jacob, you're such a doomsayer!'

Jacob realized something was wrong so he stretched his hand to pat her back as Emily's face started to turn red. Failing to keep her food down, Emily finally threw up.

Fortunately, Jacob avoided the vomit just in time. However, he wasn't lucky enough to avoid a tiny splash on his shirt, which infuriated him immediatel

le that she had been worrying about how much she was going to pay throughout the whole dinner.

"No wonder that's how things turned out." Oh well, that's just great!

"So this time doesn't count and you must make it up to me next time."

"What?" Emily understood him and nodded, "Deal."

'Since he has helped me so much, I must treat him another time, no matter what. Even if my savings are not enough to cover another fancy restaurant he picks, I can always use my credit card.'

Jacob finally let out a big smile, stretching from one ear to the other.

The doctor prescribed drugs for Emily after the infusion, and advised her to observe the dos and don'ts.

Emily kept nodding her head while Jacob watched at her side and said, "Please, write them down."

Obviously, he was talking to the doctor.

The doctor immediately wrote down a list on a piece of paper and passed it to them.

Jacob reached out for the paper, caught a sight of it and stuck it on Emily's forehead.

"Emily, I order you to keep healthy for me."

Emily took the paper and listened to Jacob's words attentively, as a sudden sense of fear engulfed her thoughts.

What Jacob said to Emily made her feel like she was a pig waiting to be killed after being properly fattened... How horrified!

After the infusion, Jacob drove Emily back. On their way back, he stopped over to buy her a pack of porridge.

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