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   Chapter 25 Have You No Shame

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"Mr. Victor, thank you, but maybe that is not such a good idea..." Emily spoke in a cautious tone," I would prefer to have an advance on my salary, if you will allow it."

"It is company policy to give an employee a salary advance for only two months at most. If I make an exception for you, the other employees will follow suit," Victor denied Emily's request firmly and suggested," Besides, once your advance salary runs out, you will not earn a penny for the next five months. Since your father is in urgent need of money, he can't just lay in bed and wait."

"Mr. Victor..."

"I will lend you the money you need, from my personal account. You may repay it with your salary in the future," he continued. Victor appreciated Emily's talent; he was willing to consider her situation and grant her a favor.

Emily felt a little embarrassed, but she nodded in agreement to Victor's suggestion. She was grateful for Victor's consideration and generosity, as she expressed her gratitude," Thank you for being so kind to me, Mr. Victor," she continued," I will work very hard to repay your kindness."

Even after hanging up the phone, Emily's head was still floating in the clouds. In a short time, not only did she acquire the money she needed for her father's treatment, but she also found a new job. Furthermore, she finally got a chance to work for her respected idol.

The next morning, Emily went to LA Jewelry Company to register, but when she stepped into the company gate, she was astonished.

Emily knew that the LA Jewelry Company was a newly established company, so she was expecting to see a newly decorated office, but what she did not expect was that the company had only two employees —Victor's assistant Linda and Emily. There were only three people in the company, including Victor.

"Mr. Victor, where are my other colleagues?" Emily asked hesitantly.

Victor sat behind his office desk, calm and collected, slowly stirring his coffee," It's just the three of us."

His words left Emily speechless.

'I wonder if he set this company up just for fun...' Emily thought.

"Linda has been my assistant for many years, and you are the first employee of this company," Victor cast a glance at Emily," You should be honored to be here."

"Yes, it is my honor to be here," nodded Emily. Then she asked," So, what would my duties be?"

"Everything, including the recruitment of other employees."

"What?" Emily shook her head," I'm afraid I can't do all of that by myself."

Emily was of the impression that Victor had hired her because of her talent as a jewelry designer, even though she couldn't hold a candle to him. Moreover, she had no previous experience of qualifications in human resources. What if she screwed up?

Victor, however, was very determined," I am offering you this high-paying job not to have you stay idle. If you don't know how to do the work, try to learn, and give it your best."

Emily nodded at Victor's words of encouragement, as if she had suddenly, found more confidence and energy," I will, Mr. Victor."

It was a really busy and productive day. With the assistance of Linda and guidance from Victor, Emily finally got her mind in shape. However, since there were only three of them dealing with all business, Emily was exhausted from being swamped with work the entire day.

When she got off from work at night, she found that the money Victor promised to lend to her, 660, 000 in total, had already been transferred into her bank account.

Emily stared at the number on the screen in silence, with a massive lump in her throat and tears in her eyes. She quickly transferred the money to her mother.

'Mr. Victor is really warm-hearted and generous, ' she thought.

In the CEO's Office of Gu Consortium

Jacob sullenly looked at the man sitting before him and enjoying a cup of tea leisurely. "Victor, I wasn't aware that you liked meddling in other people's business."

Jacob was more disgruntled when he learned that Victor had hired Emily, offered her a high salary and even lent her money. He felt like Victor had stolen his lovely pet from him.

The little rabbit had already set one foot in his trap, just a few more steps and she would have become Jacob's prey.

"Well, I don't think I was meddling in your business," Victor's face turned from apathy to a smile, he sai

d," Everyone cherishes talents."

"Did you employ her on purpose?"

"You are as wise as an owl," Victor said with the smile still covering his face," I wonder why you are so attracted to that girl. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see a high-ranking man like you court a girl by all means at his disposal."

Jacob squinted his eyes slowly," You'd better not have any improper thoughts about her."

'Jacob is really a possessive man', Victor thought. He eased Jacob's concern by saying," Don't worry. I'm not interested in her."


Although, Emily had transferred all the money to her mother, she was still worried about her father. Every time she told her mother that she wanted to return home to help, her mother would refuse her with excuses.

"Emily, your father is doing much better now. You don't have to come back now. Just mind your work."

Every time her mother said so, Emily would get a strange feeling in her gut. However, out of trust for her mother, she didn't think much about it. She secretly decided to go home when she was not very busy; she couldn't set her mind at rest.

The recruitment process was almost at an end. Victor allowed Emily half a day off work. Emily, however, didn't use the day for rest. Instead, she went to a shopping center, though there was not much in her bank account anymore.

Although the LA Jewelry Company was newly established, it began to develop a strong reputation very quickly. Since her first day at work, Emily had been wearing T-shirts and jeans, and even though Victor didn't complain, Emily felt it was inappropriate to do so. If the other employees came and saw her in casual wear, they would have a bad impression on the company. Thus, Emily decided to buy several formal suits for work.

Emily had another reason for going to the shopping mall. Victor had rescued her from an acid attack, and in doing so, his coat was burned by the acid. Emily believed that it was her fault, even though Victor did no mention anything about it. She felt like that she had to compensate him with a new coat.

In the shopping mall

At first glance Emily took a fancy to the light blue coat on the hanger. Emily decided to pick it up for careful look, when suddenly a hand with red nail polish picked up the coat before she could.

"I'll take this one, please wrap it up for me." It was Rose, in her 10cm high-heeled shoes. She asked the salesman to wrap up the coat Emily liked. She looked askance at Emily, her eyes narrowed like an arc with complacency.

When Emily saw that it was Rose, the look on her face suddenly turned cold," Rose, I thought you are a well-mannered lady. Have you no shame?"

It was Emily who saw the coat at first, but Rose deliberately took it off the hanger without even trying it. It was obvious that Rose had it in for Emily, like she always did.

Rose's face darkened at Emily's words. Since no one was around to bear witness at that moment, she stopped pretending and answered directly," What makes you think you can talk to me like that? You stray dog."

"Rose, have you ever heard the phrase, 'Good has its reward; evil has its recompense, and the payback is just a matter of time'?"

Emily had no intentions of stretching the conversation any further. She turned around to leave, but Rose didn't want to let go of her so easily. She followed Emily all the way. Every time Emily tried to take a closer look at a coat, Rose would snatch it before Emily could. It seemed like Rose focused all her efforts to pick on Emily.

Emily finally reached the end of her forbearance," Rose, are you doing this on purpose? Have you no shame?"

Rose snorted contemptuously," Yes, I am doing it on purpose. When it comes to you, I do have no shame."

Emily bit her lip and quickly came up with an idea. She pretended to swallow the insult and continued to pick clothes.

Emily's weak reaction satisfied Rose's hunger for her misery even more.

While in fact, Emily lowered her head because she was afraid she couldn't be able to control herself from laughing out too loud if she looked at Rose.

As more and more clothes piled up and were asked to be wrapped up by Rose, she finally realized that something was wrong. Why was Emily only picking the expensive clothes?

"Emily, do you really think you can afford these clothes? Who do you think you are?"

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