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   Chapter 23 One Hundred Thousand Dollars for One Kiss

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7229

Updated: 2018-12-25 00:02

"Jacob!" Emily's face flushed red, as she cursed Jacob for being rascal and herself for being spineless, in her mind.

Jacob stared at her face, trying to catch every piece of her expressions, "Why didn't you ask for my help?"

Jacob had spent all these days, waiting for Emily to reach out to him for help, but it was all in vain. It seemed like she had totally forgotten him.

This annoyed him a great deal.

"Why should I ask for your help?"

Jacob's face turned gloomy at Emily's insensitivity.

Emily zipped her lips tight and looked at Jacob without saying a word.

It suddenly occurred to her that, a few days ago, Victor said the same thing---- 'why don't you ask for Jacob's help?'

In their minds, were they already expecting her to ask for Jacob's help? Just because of that one night stand? How could they be so sure.

Jacob realized that the girl had never given a thought to ask him for help, therefore, it's quite normal to assume that she did not want to keep in touch with him.

Jacob remembered how she told Jack that she had never coveted anything from Jack while they were together. 'But, no one in the world is free of desires. Then what on earth do you want?' Jacob was baffled.

"Emily." Jacob slowly released her and asked directly, "You have lost your job and gained yourself a bad reputation in the industry, don't you need my help?"

Emily, still a little dizzy, leaned against the wall, and still, tried to keep her head clear, "Yes, I do. Could you please lend me one hundred dollars?"

"...", Jacob was speechless.

"I don't have any cash on me, Jacob, please lend me some money so that I can take a taxi home." Emily wasn't a fool. There's no such thing as a free lunch. If Jacob reached out to her, it meant he wanted something in return. She wasn't going to fall for his trap!

Jacob chuckled in his mind, watching her struggle to keep her dizzy head clear. 'Quite a vigilant girl.'

'Now that the girl skirted the real problem, I must give her what she's expecting.'

"I don't have cash either, but I can drive you home." It was already quite late, how could he let his little bunny go home alone and


Emily was ready to leave, pleased with herself and her wit. Jacob embraced her abruptly and planted an open-mouthed kiss.

Emily failed to struggle. After the long kiss, Emily, dizzy headed, heard his voice, "Now I owe you one hundred thousand."

Jacob had bested her once again.

This was the last thought on Emily's mind. As soon as Jacob released her, she tumbled up the stairs to her apartment without looking back.

Jacob looked up, an orange light lit up in one room; it looked very sweet and warm.

He smiled, smoked one cigarette and then drove off, in a happy mood.

Once Emily got inside her house, she threw up into the trash can. She had been fighting the urge to vomit all along. She was glad that she didn't vomit on Jacob. She started to feel a lot better after clearing all the alcohol from her system.

The anti-alcoholic medicine was helpful. At least, she was not so drunk as she was on that day. Emily pitied herself for not able to get the commission on three bottles of expensive wine from earlier on.

After vomiting, Emily got herself cleaned up and then went to the balcony. She was relieved to see that Jacob had already left.

In truth, she was afraid of him, especially when he showed great interest in her.

But... Interestingly, Emily later remembered that she never told Jacob where her home was but he still drove her home with clockwork precision... A sudden chill went up her spine.

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