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   Chapter 20 No Time to Play with You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8379

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"Mom, I've broken up with Jack."

"Errm...emm..." Mrs. Bai cried out helplessly, "We've tried out every possible means, but all the money borrowed is merely a drop in the bucket; your dad will just be waiting for death if the medical fee isn't paid in full."

Emily got nervous, she promised, "Don't worry, mom, I'll figure something out... I have 40 thousand at hand; I'm going to credit to your account first."

She had just graduated for nearly a year; her salary was not very high, but she saved every penny she could, and so she had 40 thousand by now to give to her parents.

Since her mother had deemed it unnecessary for her to return home to look after her father, the only thing Emily could do to help was to comfort her mother and send her money for her father's treatment. There was a sudden and unwelcome feeling of despair and bewilderment growing in her heart.

How was she going to come up with the money? But, it was her father's life that hung in the balance!

Emily scratched her head and finally remembered the drawing of the jewelry she designed which helped her win the championship... She wondered how much she could earn by selling the copyright.

However, she wasn't completely sure with that idea as well, as her reputation as a designer had been tarnished; it would certainly devalue the design. Fortunately, her parents weren't very active on social media, otherwise, the drama from the competition would give them more reasons to worry about her.

"It doesn't matter!" Emily put that jewelry design drawing up for sale online, even though she knew it was more likely to be a losing battle.

Just as expected, all the malicious comments suddenly surged up like the rising tide of water.

Emily forced herself not to read those reviews, but continued to look for work and kept applying. But so far it was all a dead end. Nevertheless, she received a private letter of intention from someone via the network where she was selling her design drawing.

She exchanged a few words with the interested party, without much hope, but surprisingly, without further delay the person purchased her drawing without any bargaining and haggling.

Emily was a bit shocked when she received a bank receipt message on her cell phone. She wondered whether she had asked for too little as her asking price of 200 thousand was accepted so quickly.

What if she asked for 800 thousand? She'd be able to pay for her dad's medical treatment by herself...

Realizing what she was th

from the cart when Jack didn't mention which one he wanted. 'That scumbag deserves it!' she thought to herself.

She took great care to prepare and open the expensive bottle of wine for Jack. Just as she walked to him with the bottle, before she could realize whether Jack had stretched his leg intentionally or unintentionally, she tripped on Jack's foot.

Emily lost her balance and fell down immediately, causing the expensive bottle of wine to fly out of her arms!

She was absolutely certain! It was definitely intentional!

At the thought of the heavy price tag on the bottle, Emily jumped desperately with all her strength, in a speed even beyond her expectations. Surprisingly, she caught the bottle.

Thank God, the wine was still in good condition, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to compensate for a loss of such magnitude!

Emily didn't dare to wipe off the sweat from her head, as she held on to the bottle firmly, when she suddenly realized she had thrown herself onto Jack.

Jack pulled her towards himself and then sat Emily on his lap, in an intimate gesture, full of ambiguity.

"Since you're here to sell wine, you need to follow the selling rules. Now drink with me. I'll buy your wine if I'm satisfied, okay?"

Jack slowly placed his hands around her waist. The lust in his eyes and tone were obvious for every one in the room to notice.

Emily's face turned red in an instant. She stood up immediately, and slapped him hard across the face while holding the bottle tightly with the other hand.

Everyone in the room was shocked and rendered speechless for a moment. It was hard to imagine that this woman could be so courageous!

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