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   Chapter 18 He Wouldn't Forgive Her

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There were a lot of people. Emily wanted to escape, but they wouldn't allow her to do so. The crowd spontaneously encircled her. They tugged at her clothes. She couldn't escape the mental and physical suffering.

Emily was almost being torn apart by the righteous netizens who felt strongly about plagiarism. Suddenly her eyes caught the sight of a familiar Aston Martin, just beyond the angry mob.

A man was stood by the car. Just as she had expected, it was Jack.

Dressed in the latest designer clothes, he was looking as handsome and sharp as a prince. His handsome face was facing Emily directly; he gave her a cold, evil smirk.

In contrast, Emily's clothes were torn and tattered; drowning in embarrassment.

Looking at the scene unfold in front of him like that, finally gave Jack the thrill of the revenge he had been seeking from the bottom of his heart.

'See, Emily, without me, you are nothing at all! You should have known it the moment you betrayed me. And by the way, this is just the beginning!'

These two people's circumstances were totally different; they came from two distant worlds. So when their line of sight collided and met intricately, sparks flew.

Emily closed her eyes and stood still. She had given in.

Maybe these people were hired by Jack; he came here on purpose to see her being insulted.

What a pity for Jack: she wouldn't give in so easily. She wouldn't let a few bad eggs bring her down. She would return all the injustice she had suffered today, back to Jack!

"Emily..." Jack said very slowly, stressing each syllable. It was the name that once made him lose his mind.

'Why was she not hiding? Why did she let others insult her so freely?

His heart was tangled in a trace of pain, which was not something that happened very often. He even thought that, as long as she asked for help, begged for mercy, made a confession, he could...

No! He would never forgive her! Jack erased all traces of this ridiculous idea out of his mind.

Although he kept telling himself not to be soft-hearted, he could not help staring at Emily's face. He tried to find hints of remorse in her face, but nothing. She looked even more stubborn.

An indescribable complex feeling from Jack's heart poured itself out into his bosom.

Emily stopped paying attention to Jack. When the people around her saw that she wasn't taking any actions, they considered it as feeling guilty, thus, they became increasingly vocal.

All of a sudden, someone from the crowd spilled a bottle of liquid with horrible smell right at Emily's face——


Suddenly, a man's jacket covered her and immersed her in what seemed to be the fragrance of its owner. It isolated her from all the attacks and abuses outside, building a shelter for her.

"Should I call the police, or do you want to leave now?"

The man's voice was peaceful, but there was a hint of coldness to it that went straight into the hearts of people.

People stopped and looked at the man in front of them. In total disbelief, some of them muttered incoherently," You... You are... why...why are you here?"

'Who is this man?

Why are these people being so dramatic?'

The voice was familiar only to Emily. She felt like she had heard it before, but she just couldn't remember where she had heard it.

When she was trying to figure out who the man was, the man threw the coat on the ground.

"What is this? Sulphuric acid?" The man said sarcastically. His eyes glanced sharply at everyone present.

Emily's heart sank. Sulphuric acid? It seemed that these people not only wanted to insult her, but they also wanted to ruin her face!

She raised her eyes to see; the cold, handsome face of the man came into her eyes - It was Victor?


who had gathered in a circle before, gradually scattered. They calmed down a little bit but was still pressing Emily hard.

"Why are you helping this plagiarist, Mr. Victor?"

"Yes, Mr. Victor, you've let us down!"

"I think this slut not only seduced the judge, but also Mr. Victor!"


"Nonsense!" Emily couldn't bear it any more. She didn't care about it when she was their sole target, but in front of Victor, she felt inexplicably embarrassed this time. "You can insult me, but not Mr. Victor!"

As soon as she finished her sentence, the people seemed to regain their strength. They cursed her to damnation all with all kinds of profanity.

Hearing them drag Victor's name to the mud, made Emily tremble with anger. Victor, on the contrary, was calm and collected, as if he did not hear those foul words. He said slowly," The evidence is on this coat. Use of sulphuric acid in attempt to inflict physical harm. All of you will be charged with intentional assault, superimposing insult and slander. This does not look good. How many years should you be sentenced to imprisonment?"

People were stunned for a moment. It took them a few seconds to reflect on what he had said.

Most of them were gathered there spontaneously to protest against Emily. A few of them were there on order. To put in a nutshell, none of them wanted to be imprisoned over this. It wasn't worth that much to them.

Meanwhile, the acid-splashing netizen hid amongst the crowd without saying a word. The situation was too chaotic for anyone to catch him, before he disappeared.

The two sides were deadlocked in argument, soon the people quickly regressed and reluctantly retreated. They spit out words like "count her good luck" and "same pollution" from time to time.

Finally it became quiet again, leaving behind only a mess.

"Thank you, Mr. Victor." Emily took this opportunity to express her gratitude to him, but she was also very embarrassed," I'm sorry, I got you involved in this. I will pay you for the coat..."

If Victor had not been there to help her out, she couldn't imagine what horrible things might have happened to her. Thinking of the bottle of sulphuric acid, terrified her to the core.

"No need for that." Victor looked at her gently for a few seconds, and suddenly asked," Who did you offend?"

Emily had just won the championship of the Jewelry Design Competition with her talent. She must have offended someone or else, her reputation, fortune and future wouldn't be where it was right now.

Emily didn't get him at first, but she soon realized what Victor had meant. Jack and Rose's malicious smirking faces suddenly popped into her mind. She became furious all over again. While gnashing her teeth in contempt, she replied," No one. Just some lunatics."

Having said that, she looked in the direction Jack was standing in as a spectator earlier and noticed that both him and his car had already disappeared.

"Why not ask help from Jacob?"

"Why should I ask help from Jacob?" Emily was shocked.

This whole thing was arranged by Jack, and Jacob, the person with more power, could easily solve her problems if he wanted to.

However, not once did Emily ever think about asking Jacob for help from the beginning to the end. Although they had shared intimacy before and he had helped her twice, it seemed to her that their relationship was still not close enough for them to ask each other's anytime.


She would never forget that night. Jacob looked at her stubborn face and burst out with a sneer, saying that he was really looking forward to the day Emily came begging to him.

The thought of that day, made her more adamant and eventually convinced her to never ask Jacob for any help or favours.

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