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   Chapter 17 You Cannot Clap With One Hand

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"Rose, what's wrong with you?" Emily had lost her patience with Rose. She looked straight at Rose and said to her," Ever since I broke up with Jack, you have been acting like a crazy bitch." What the hell are you thinking about? You are the copy cat! As for the thing about the judge, you are well aware of what the truth is!"

Seeing Emily get riled up gave Rose the amusement she was craving. She derived pleasure from the misery of Emily.

"The facts do not lie, Emily; your anger will not help change the facts." She took a deep breath and said, earnestly," I'm telling you this for your own good. If you want to succeed in life, you shouldn't always chase shortcuts. You must put in the hard work. And, about the judge... I can only say can't clap with one hand..."

Emily was driven mad with rage. She snapped within a split second and slapped Rose right across her smug face. The room went completely quiet to the sound of the slap.

"How dare you!" Rose's eyes widened, as her face swelled up and reddened like a tomato. She hid her aching face behind her hand, but she couldn't hide the anger from her eyes. It was completely unimaginable!

"Finally! I've been meaning to do that for a while now!" Emily had been longing to do that for a while, but the right moment hadn't presented itself to her yet, until now, she glared at Rose and said," You cannot clap with one hand, right?

I just proved you wrong. Turns out, it is possible to clap with just one hand. Did you like the sound of that? Maybe you should think about why I slapped you instead of others?"

She took an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; that's exactly what Rose had said before.

"You……" Rose was so angry that she forgot how to act like a nice lady. Before she had the chance to react, Emily tried to slap her again.

Rose responded promptly and dodged, but unfortunately, she wasn't fast enough to evade Emily's fingernails; two long trails of blood appeared from just a scratch on her white face!

Suddenly things just got very real.

Emily, however, paid no attention to it. She was desperately attacking Rose, as if she was determined to tear Rose's fake face off. Rose, on the other hand, was not one to accept being humiliated without putting up a fight. She reacted immediately.

The two angry women got into a chaotic tussle. All their colleagues were stunned. When Mr. Hua was disturbed by their commotion, the people finally realized what was going on and separated the two in a hurry.

The people had always thought of Rose as an elegant and classy woman. She had never been so embarrassed in her whole life. Her hair was tangled and the make-up on her face was a mess. Although she had a very beautiful face, it had already revealed it's fierce fangs to the people.

"Emily, just wait and see what happens!"

Said Rose. When she noticed more people gathering at the scene, she decided to flee in fury.

Although Emily got a minor neck injury, Rose's damage was much worse than her. Rose got a scar on her face and a lock of her long hair pulled out. Emily was greatly amused by this.

'It is true, sometimes," might is right". It is more straightforward.' thought Emily.

Emily's spirits were lifted; she packed up her things and left work. Back at her apartment, she began to search the news about herself on the Internet.

She soon found the news in a large and bold font on the computer screen —

"The International Jewelry Design Competition star Emily is suspected of plagiarizing and sexually bribing a judge. Is there a dark underside to winning the first prize?"

Face pale and strained, Emily browsed through the screen. She couldn't help scrolling through the long pages. Almost all well-known media had reported on this matter. It was so convincing that she even thought everyone was going to believe it.

As for Emily, the main character of the news, she ha

d no idea what had happened.

When she thought about Rose's behavior this morning, Emily had a hunch that Rose must have had something to do with the slanderous news about her!

However, Rose alone couldn't have pulled off something of this scale on her own. She must have had, the young master of the Gu family, Jack's support in swaying public opinions against Emily.

Jack was just using his power to get back at Emily.

Emily was completely frustrated with this venomous couple. The two bastards were perfect for each other. Even after breaking up with Jack, she couldn't stop those two from hounding her relentlessly.

But, Emily was not going to give up.

Meanwhile, in the CEO's office of the Gu Group.

Sitting in front of the computer, Jacob was also browsing the web for news about Emily. His foxy eyes were deeply focused and not a single trace of an expression could be found on his face.

Sam explained," Recently, Mr. Jack has been targeting Miss Emily's reputation. These are the products of his creation."

"Ok," Jacob replied casually.

Of course, he knew that Jack was blackening Emily's name for revenge. But still, this kind of behavior made him feel furious.

Perhaps it was because of man's possessive desire. One hurted a pet; he also looked down upon the owner. Jacob had regarded Emily as his possession so he could not tolerate someone hurting her.

Jacob was about to ask Sam to prevent the news from spreading, but he suddenly thought of something. He pursed his thin lips and shut his mouth.

He had no interest in being an anonymous hero. It would be far more interesting to wait for Emily to come to him for help.

In the following days, Emily began to drop her resume to other companies, but she did not get any replies, let alone offers.

She was not reconciled to it. She personally went to several companies for an interview. But the answer was always, negative.

"Miss Emily, lately, you have been involved in the plagiarism and the bribing thing. I am sorry. We cannot hire employees like you."

It was as if they had previously agreed on it: the same reply. Emily did not have the opportunity to explain and clarify her situation at all.

From enormous failures, Emily eventually realized just how powerful the network rumors were. At first, she thought, a clean hand wants no washing; after a period of time, people would forget about it. But it never occurred to her that Jack would be so devoted to her downfall.

Emily was not the kind of person to sit still and wait for death. She began to gather evidence against the media to sue for defamation. But every time the authority was always perfunctory. After all, they knew that this matter concerned Jack and they were not willing to displease his powerful family.

The news spread like wildfire over the media channels. Rumors and gossip ran rampant on the Internet. Emily was in the teeth of the storm.

Netizens who strongly hated plagiarism even went as far as protesting at Emily's home. They blocked the entrance to her apartment.

Emily was still unaware about it. Someone threw a rotten egg at her when she was about to get out today. The egg left a yellow and smelly stain on her hair as it dripped down her face.

However, looking at the large group of people standing in front of her door, expressing their anger and disappointment, she remained incontestable. Soon, all sorts of rotten fruits and vegetables were being thrown at her again!

"I'll beat you to death, you shameless plagiarist!"

"Shameless bitch, plagiarized and seduced judges!"

"I really don't understand why this shameless bitch should be allowed to live on this earth? You are polluting our planet!"


A variety of vicious words, like the raging tide, impacted Emily's mental fortitude.

"I did not! I really did not do such things!" Emily refuted loudly, but no one batted an ear.

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