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   Chapter 15 Congratulations

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Everything was crystal clear. Anderson had been working with ghostwriters for the past ten years, which meant that all his works were actually created by other people. Moreover, judging by what he had just done, not only did he lack talent, he also lacked a moral compass. How could anyone trust a man who fooled and defamed others for the sake of mere compliments and fame?

"Where did you hear of that?" After Anderson realized what Victor had just said, he blurted out without thinking, his face turned ghostly pale.

Before his scheme was revealed to everyone, his plan was to cover up the truth and make a quick buck. That was why he had agreed to tell a lie to help Rose upon Jack's request, but the last thing he had expected for was Victor to uncover his secret to the public.

"Strike off Anderson from the jewelry circle! And Rose!"

In a second, everyone changed their votes for Anderson and Rose. Nearly drowned by anger and contempt from all sides, Anderson could not stand the humiliation anymore and ran away from the venue in dejection.

Rose couldn't believe what she was seeing. She thought that her plan was flawless. She thought she was going to win this game. Unfortunately, the universe had different plans for her. Her plan was in ruins, again! Why was luck always on Emily's side!

Since Anderson had run away, the audience, who felt that they were being fooled by Anderson and Rose, turned to Rose. "Go home Rose! Shame on you!" they yelled at her and some even threw bottles at the stage.

Rose gritted her teeth with hatred. She fled from the stage, trying to avoid the bottles flying towards her. Waiting for her off stage were curses and scornful eyes from the audience.

Emily did not expect that she was able to end the crisis so quickly; she had prepared herself to face the music if things didn't go well as she expected.

She completely lost in thoughts and did not notice a bottle flying towards her from the audience. By the time she had noticed the bottle, it was already too late.

When the bottle was just about to hit Emily, a hand suddenly appeared before her and caught the bottle.

Upon seeing this, Jacob who had stood up from his seat, sat back down again. He flashed his dark glance at Emily from a distance.

Emily soon realized what had happened. She looked at Victor, who had suddenly appeared before her out of thin air, and stuttered, "Mr...Mr. Victor..."

"Are you dreaming?" Victor threw away the bottle in his hand and looked directly at Emily.

He was a very good-looking man with strong and well defined features. Although Victor and Jacob were both handsome men, Victor had a more gentle and reserved nature, compared to Jacob's slightly aggressive side. Even his gold framed glasses made him more attractive to his young female fans.

Completely starstruck from seeing her idol standing right in front of her, Emily's face involuntarily turned red, "Thank you, Mr. Victor."

She was truly grateful to Victor for not only saving her from the flying bottle, but also for helping Emily in her dispute against Anderson. If it weren't for Victor, Emily wouldn't have been able to prove her innocence so successfully.

"Congratulations, " Victor nodded at Emily, held out his hand, and added, in a calm voice, "You are very talented."

Emily looked at Victor's slender fingers in disbelief, as if she were in a dream. Entranced by his presence she replied, "Thank you."

Finally she was able to see and touch this man with her own eyes and hands. Suddenly, the man did not seem so unattainable anymore.

The thought of which she found most surprising, aside from winning the competition.

"Ms. Emily, Congratulations to you. You are the winner of this competition, " the judge who was previously prejudiced against Emily, cleared his throat and walked towards her, "as to that plagiarist, she will be dealt with accordingly—by stripping her of her license in jewelry circle."

Emily did not hold any grudges against the judge, after all, it was just a misunderstandi

ng, so she nodded without saying anything more.

After being interrupted and held up by the captivating incident, the time for the award ceremony of the competition had finally came.

The second prize went to Chou, the student of master Tiffany. The third prize was awarded to the talented jewelry designer Kary.

Emily stood on the podium, excited and nervous at the same time, with the first prize trophy in her hands. She felt like she was in a wonderful dream, after all, it was the first time she had participated in such a prestigious competition, and won. She had never been subjected to so much praise and appreciation before.

She finally did it. She won the first prize!

In high spirits, Emily's eyes sparked with confidence. She stood on the stage, emanating a glowing aura from her body.

The man sitting in his seat for distinguished guests, looked at Emily from a distance, took out his cellphone and snapped a picture of Emily. The corners of his thin lips slowly turned upwards.

Jack and Rose had left the venue early, and Anderson was nowhere to be found.

"Rose, you really are a waste of space! You've screwed up everything I've asked you to do!" Jack was burning with anger. The thought of Emily's smile on stage and the trophy in her hands, pierced him in the heart like a thorn.

His anger at Emily was spreading like wildfire. Why did Emily always get the last laugh?!

"Jack, I did not expect..., " Rose held onto Jack's arm; her eyes were full of tears as she said, "I did as you've told me, and now you have to help me, or else my future will be totally ruined..."

"Yes, yes, I will. Now be quiet."

Jack was growing impatient of Rose's constant nagging. He did not care about Rose's future at all. All he ever wanted to do was to give Emily a hard time!


The competition was over, Emily walked out of the venue alone and decided to take a taxi by the roadside, when suddenly a black Maybach slowly stopped in front of her.

Emily recognized whose car it was at first glance. She turned around and took to her heels.

Unfortunately, the person sitting in the car was faster than her. He opened the door, stretched his leg out of the car and pulled Emily into the car without any effort. The next moment, Emily found herself pinned to the car seat, her hands held by Jacob.

"Emily, did you just try to run away from me?" Jacob leaned close to Emily's face, almost touching her nose. Emily couldn't tell whether he was pleased or angry from his deep voice.

At the thought of what had happened yesterday, Emily struggled to get out and cried, "Let me go..."

Why was it always Jacob? She was always running into him everywhere; even now when she chose to take the alternate route to leave the venue!

"Do you want to attract the reporters around? Well?"

Jacob did not care about attracting some reporters, but Emily did. She stopped shouting and struggling at once.

"What do you want to do with me? Will you please just let me go? Mr. Jacob? Hello?" Emily was afraid of Jacob; she was mainly worried that he would do something unusual and unexpected to her. He was undoubtedly a dangerous man!

"Are you feeling happy today?" Jacob ignored Emily's questions, and asked an irrelevant question.

Emily had no choice but to nod in honesty, "Yes. I am very happy today."

'I would be happier if I did not come across you, jerk, ' she thought.

"I guess you think that I am a jerk? Right?"

"No I don't, Mr. Jacob..." Emily tried to make up a lie when suddenly she noticed his hands lifting up her clothes. She felt the cold on her waist and was stunned, "What...What are you doing in broad daylight ?"

Emily's panic-stricken voice seemed to please Jacob even more. He chuckled and touched the red birthmark on her waist and rubbed it tenderly.

'How could she boldly lift her clothes in front of the public to reveal such a private part of her body? Does not she have any sense of shame?' Jacob thought. But he only said to her, "From now on, do not let anyone see it."

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