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   Chapter 11 Teach You A Thing Or Two

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Emily was drenched in sweat as if she was just scooped out of the water. Her clothes were soaked through; her dress stuck to her graceful body, accentuating her delicate curves. A tinge of pink appeared on her cheeks, and the bleary look on such a face seemed to make her more desirable. It was not the first time that Jacob had seen her like this. He had seen this before, on that crazy night.

Failing to keep his desires under control, Jacob suddenly pulled Emily close again and gave her an aggressive, open-mouthed kiss.

The kiss went on for so long that Emily did not come to her senses until it was over. Unaware of what was going on, she stepped backwards, trying to keep away from Jacob.

"Why... why did you kiss me?"

"I said 'As you wish', for the first one," Jacob licked his lips in a captivating way, still savoring what had happened just now,"and the second one is to compensate me."

After all, Emily had kept him in that small wardrobe for long. As a man who always got what he wanted, of course, Jacob would have Emily pay for it with something.

"You..." Emily blushed with agitation, but failed to find the words to respond to him.

Was she the kind of lady that would bend to his wishes and gratify his every whim on the spot?

The idea haunted Emily. Something inside her was about to explode but she could not find a way to let it out.

"You'd better leave now!" Emily turned her face and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

Her indifference provoked Jacob. He leaned over and suddenly grabbed her by the wrist. Sparkles of fury flared in his eyes,"Emily, you had better not annoy me on purpose."

A sudden upwelling of pain overwhelmed her as Jacob tightened his grip on her wrist. She frowned and looked up to the man, but when her eyes met with his, she somewhat cowered,"But it is you..."

'It is you that's taking advantage of me time and time again. How could you say such words to me as if it were all my fault?' Emily thought.

Although she dared not to ask him, she raised her head and stared at him again—a silent protest.

The two locked eyes at each other; an invisible lightning flashed between them, crackling with electricity.

Soon after, Jacob let go of Emily's hand, but before she could take her hand back, he clasped her dress and pulled her towards his thigh.

"What are you doing?" Bewildered and confused, Emily tried to get up, but was soon pressed down by him. A cracking sound of clapping coming from behind her, had her petrified.

The sound followed again and again. It was Jacob spanking her, mercilessly, with his strong hand, to show how annoyed he was at her.

Emily suddenly realized what had happened; her face blushed as red as a tomato. She struggled desperately, but only in vain. Drowning in a wave of humiliation she screamed,"Let me go! Jacob!"

Jacob, however, completely disregarded Emily's plea, with a deadpan expression on his face. Instead, he started striking her harder.

Emily could hardly hold back her tears; partly because of the pain but mostly because of the humiliation. She finally gave up. Tears streamed down her cheeks, like the flow of a river.

"Jacob… why are you doing this to're such as jerk... you asshole!" She cried and cursed.

But that didn't stop Jacob. He glared at her and answered in an emotionless voice,""It seems that I must teach you a thing or two."

The sound of spanking could have meant something else with a hidden passion, but there seemed to be no existence of such passion between the two at that moment.

The humiliation, both to her body and her mind was almost intolerable to Emily. She could not stand for it any longer and soon gave up,"I am sorry. Please stop... please..."

"Apologize," Jacob's demanded.

"I'm sorry, I know I was wrong..."

"And sorry for what?"

"For..." Emily's mind suddenly went blank. She didn't know what she was apologising for, especially, since she d

idn't think she had done anything wrong in the first place. She failed to come up with an excuse quickly.

Jacob slapped her again. The noise that the slap had made radiated off of the walls and back to her ears.

Emily sobbed like a poor kitten,"Mr. Jacob, I don't know..."

This time Jacob showed her mercy. He stopped and asked,"Will you annoy me again?"


"Will you listen to me next time?"

Emily hesitated and did not reply.

Jacob's lifted his hand again but only tapped Emily's butt. However, the moment Jacob touched her, she nodded repeatedly,"I will, I will." 'What a shame, to force me to agree against my will, ' she thought.

Upon her compliance, Jacob finally let go of her, and then picked her up in his arms as if she was a little kitten. What he saw in front of him was an adorable lady sobbing with her beautiful eyes, as red as a bunny's after crying for so long. Glittering tears dampened her long and curly eyelashes. Such a charming lady…

Jacob pulled her down to sit on his lap. His eyes were like black holes reeling her in, and he asked,"Do you remember what you said just now?"

"Yes," Still gripped by fear, she had no courage to disobey him.

Just as she was about to sit on his lap, she suddenly jumped up as if she had been hit with an electric shock. The burning sensation of pain had returned to her.

She wanted to cry again.

Jacob did not compel her. He just said in a gentle voice,"Don't cry."

Emily felt utterly humiliated, even more so than before. 'You've beat me so hard and now you're asking me not to cry?'

Jacob, however, had not yet finished his words,"If you cry, I would feel like you are seducing me again."

'This jerk!'

Emily thought to herself, but she held her breath and did not say anything this time, not even a single word.

Jacob found the look of nervousness on her somewhat even more attractive. 'May be I should tease her a bit more, ' he thought, and then released his firm grip on her. Emily took the chance, slipped away in an instant and folded herself at the corner of the bed.

Just then, she felt a sharp pain over the part where he had slapped her. She frowned.

'Definitely swollen, ' she thought, without even looking at it. 'How could Jacob do such things to me? He is just like… like a psychopath!'

Jacob did not know what Emily was thinking, but he did not stop her from running away from him. He just looked at her cloudy expression and wondered whether he had hurt her too much.

"Does it hurt?"

'Of course it does!'

Emily cried to herself, but she only nodded at him, pathetically.

"One always learns from pain," Jacob said and calmed himself down. He stood up, straightened his suit and commanded,"I will do the same to you again if you disobey me next time."

'Why? I am not your slave!'

Emily raised her head and looked at Jacob, but was soon overwhelmed by his piercing glare. Finally, she was defeated; she murmured like an innocent baby,"Okay."

'It is just a lie. I have to get rid of him now. I won't really listen to him!' she told herself.

"Do you hate me?"

"No. Of course not." Emily answered positively, against her will.

Satisfied, Jacob smiled from one ear to the other. He knew that Emily was lying to him about not hating him, but he was still pleased to hear her say otherwise.

He looked at his watch. It was getting late, and he had something important to deal with.

Jacob was the kind of man who would always close business on time and would never be held down by any woman.

"Have a good rest," he said to Emily.

Emily was ecstatic to hear him say that. But, suddenly she remembered what Rose had said before she left, so she said to Jacob in a hurry,"Wait a minute, Mr. Jacob!"

Jacob stopped in his tracks. He turned back to see Emily jump off the bed in an awkward manner. He raised his eyebrows and asked in a slightly nefarious tone,"Well? Would you want me to stay?"

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