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   Chapter 10 Why Are You Still Here

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Sam glanced through the entire room, as if he had no inkling what had been going on here.

Jack made no effort to conceal his surprise, "My uncle? He is here?"

"Mr. Jacob has grown quite fond of jewelry, as of late, " Sam explained, "so he has taken great interest in this jewelry design competition."

A feeling of happiness suddenly overwhelmed Rose. 'Did you hear what he said?' she said to herself, 'Jacob Gu, CEO of the Gu family consortium! The man behind the real power of the Gu family!'

If she could manage to win this competition and impress Jacob Gu, she would definitely have a bright future! And who knows, he may even take a fancy to her...

Letting her imaginations run wild, Rose got excited at the thought of Jacob Gu.

Jack, however, sensed something unusual. Jacob could have called Jack's phone, but instead he had sent his assistant to find him. What could be the reason? 'Maybe he had something really important to talk to me about?'

Jack thought to himself, rejecting his previous notion. "Now?" he asked in a serious tone.

"Yes, Mr. Jack. Please don't keep Mr. Jacob waiting, " Sam nodded. Jack was convinced by Sam's sense of urgency.

Jack knew very well what a man like Jacob would do if he were kept waiting for too long. He looked over his shoulder to see Emily standing still with her thin lips tightened into a thin line. He paused for a moment to think and eventually stepped out of the room in a hurry without looking back.

'Finally!' Emily's mind was finally put to ease.

She could not believe what had just happened. With a sigh of relief she pondered, 'If Jacob is in my room right now... Sam must have lied to the others?'

'Everything has gone wrong!' Rose thought. She couldn't accept the unsatisfying end to her plans!

She was certain that there was something fishy going on in Emily's room. But since Jack had left, she could not rush into the room by herself.

"Jack has already left. Why are you still here?" Emily asked impolitely, as she saw Rose still standing by the door.

In fact, Rose wanted to follow Jack because she was eager to meet with the legend himself. However, Jack had no intentions of taking her with him, as he didn't think Rose was worthy enough to stand in front of Jacob Gu with him.

And the one who was the most worthy…happened to be the one Jack hated most right now.

"We shall see, Emily!"

That was all she could say before she walked away in her shiny, high-heeled shoes. After all, she did not have the courage to ask Jack to bring her with him to meet Jacob.

Rose, however, was not one to give up so easily. She asked someone to keep an eye on Emily's room. If any person came out of the room, he would be caught on camera. Her elaborate plan, to "pass by" Emily's room with Jack and catch Emily in bed with another man, had failed. Now she had no choice but to rely on Plan B.

After everybody had left, Emily suddenly remembered Leo. Everybody had forgotten about him while he was lying on the floor. Emily felt sympathetic; she eventually called an ambulance for him.

Jack walked quickly and heavily along the corridor, driven impatient with anger. "So where is my uncle?"

"In the coffee lounge on first floor, " Sam said politely, pretending not to notice Jack's angry face.

Jack barely pulled himself together and adjusted his suit before he got into the elevator with Sam.

He always treated Jacob with respect. Mostly because Jacob would let him handle the family business sometimes, to teach him the ropes. It meant a lot to Jack, because one day he would be the one to take over Jacob's place in the Gu family consortium.

That was the reason why Jack let Emily slide away so easily. He did not want Jacob to know any of his wrongdoings in case he changed his mind.

Ironically, the man Jack had so much respect for, was now hiding in a wardrobe i

nside Emily's room with muddled look on his face.

How dare Emily put him in such a small wardrobe!

A while ago, while he was hiding in Emily's wardrobe and listening to them quarrel with each other, he heard someone call him a "paramour". He was so irritated by the word that he almost jumped out of the wardrobe!

Jacob had never been treated like that!

However, when he heard Emily's nervous voice, he suddenly realized how hard she was trying to handle the situation without causing a big fuss, so he found a way to cool his temper down as well. He pondered for a second and sent a message to Sam.

After a while, Leo was taken away to the hospital, and the broken door of Emily's room was repaired. Emily felt very exhausted, but all of a sudden, she remembered that Jacob was still inside her wardrobe. Her heart paced around like a race-horse again.

"Mr. Jacob? You may come out now."

No answer.

Emily walked towards the wardrobe and asked again, "Mr. Jacob?"

There was still no answer. A heavy silence fell over the room.

Emily was starting to panic. Did Jacob loss consciousness after being locked up in the wardrobe for so long?

"Mr. Jacob!" She rushed towards the wardrobe and opened it quickly. Much to her surprise, before she could look inside, a strong hand appeared and pulled her into the wardrobe.

"Ah!" Emily was startled as she struggled to free herself, but it was in vain.

The door of the wardrobe closed behind her. It was too dark for Emily to see the man's face and it was too dark to try and move. Helplessly, she was about to rest her head on the man's chest.

"Now you know how it feels to stay inside a wardrobe, " Jacob said.

The voice came from the man who had saved Emily twice. Even if he had said something rude to her, she still respected him and showed him her gratitude.

She nodded, but quickly realized that it was too dark to see anything, so she said, "I know, I am sorry... But, I had no choice, " she added in a hurry.

She didn't want to think about what would have happened if Jack had found Jacob in her room.

"You did not want them to know that I was here?" Jacob asked in a low, grumpy voice.

"That's not what I meant, " Emily shook her head. And what she did was just like a cat rubbing her master's chest. She felt embarrassed for being stuck inside such a tiny wardrobe with Jacob, Jacob held his breath for a second, then quickly calmed himself down and asked Emily a strange question, "Are you seducing me?"

The air in the wardrobe was sweltering. They could feel each other's breaths. They both felt something strange growing inside of their hearts.

Emily was starting to burn up. As her heart began beating at an increased rate, she started to sweat. She couldn't tell whether it was due to the lack of oxygen in the wardrobe or something else.

She just wanted to get out of the wardrobe, "May be we can talk about this outside? Mr. Jac…"

"As you wish."

Before she could find the words to say anything else, she heard his chuckle. The next moment, he pressed his lips to hers and kissed her, giving her no chance to finish talking.

"Oh, " while trying to push Jacob away, she accidentally bit his lips. Jacob paused for a moment before he seized the chance and forced his tongue into her mouth, overbearingly and a bit aggressively.

He held her in his arms, like a kitten, ignoring her feeble resistance. At that moment, everything was under his control.

Emily was drenched in sweat after being kissed for such a long time. She felt dizzy and was unable to feel both her arms and legs. It took a while before Emily finally understood why Jacob had said, "As you wish".

Jacob, of course, had no intentions of keeping her in such a dark and cramped place. He finally pushed open the wardrobe door and walked out, with Emily in his arms, dazed and confused.

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